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Viewing Category Lots
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1 A Sitzendorf urn-shaped vase, 20th century, ogee bowl with rococo scrolled handles, domed lid, painted and encrusted floral decoration, modeled with two cherubs, 20cms, (8"). £70-100 £65
2 A Chinese blue and white baluster-shaped vase, possibly Kung Si, decorated with children playing, flower-filled lappets to the collar, scrolled band to the foot, 15cm, (6"). £400-600 £400
3 A Staffordshire canary yellow jug, early 19th century, silver resist decoration with two panels emblematic of Hope and Charity, (restored), 14cms, (5") and a canary yellow miniature mug, (2). £100-150 £80
4 A Staffordshire printware chamber pot, second quarter of the 19th century, decorated "Willow" pattern, height 12cms, (5"). £50-80 £42
5 A Prattware jug, second quarter of the 19th century, moulded and painted decoration of shooting scenes, painted in colours, pink lustre outlines, 18cms, (7"), and another Prattware jug, moulded and painted with a stag, pink lustre outlines, restored, 17cms, (6"), (2). £70-100 £80
6 A Chinese blue and white baluster-shaped vase, decorated with temple dogs amongst cloud motifs, 42cms, (16"), £400-600  
7 A large Chinese blue and white charger, decorated with a figure on a balcony, the border with precious objects, diameter 43cm, (17").POSSIBLY RESTORED £400-600 £340
8 A Chinese blue and white shallow circular basin, probably 19th century, decorated with a willow tree, flowers and foliage, with precious objects, cross-hatch border, the flange with floral sprays, diameter 38cm, (15"). £300-500 £340
9 A large Chinese blue and white rose bowl, the exterior decorated with figures in a landscape setting, the interior with precious objects and insect motifs, (chipped and hairline crack), diameter 40cms, (15"). £400-600 £340
10 A tall blue and white beaker vase, Japanese or Chinese, light polygonal section with a flared rim, decorated with figures in a landscape setting, 41cm, (16"). £300-500  
11 A Chinese export porcelain blue and white mug, probably 19th century, of cylindrical form, double twist handle, decorated with a river landscape and pavilions, (chipped), 11.5cm, (4"). £200-300  
12 A Chinese blue and white shallow dish, Qianlong, lightly moulded, painted with floral sprays within hatched bands, diameter 28cms (11") and a Chinese blue and white plate Qianlong, floral decoration, (hairline cracks and chips) diameter 32cms (12"), (2). £100-150 £85
13 A pair of Devon terracotta baluster-shaped vases, by Edwin Beer Fishley, Fremington, slip decorated with incised decoration of waterlilies, moulded with frogs and other insects, incised (some crazing), 44cms, (17"). £100-150 £700
14 An extensive Cantonese dinner service, matched, 19th century, individually painted with narrative scenes, including numerous Mandarin figures, especially in garden settings, with terraces and canopies, border decoration with birds, flowering foliage, painted throughout in coloured enamels with gilding, comprising a large oval tureen with double twist handles, the lid with a foliate finial, width 34cm, (13"), a pair of oval tureens, with double twist handles, the domed lids with fruit finials, width 32cm, (12"), a pair of rectangular entree dishes, the lids with fruit finials, width 24cm, (9"), a pair of sauce tureens, on stands with double twist handles, foliate finials to the domed lids, width 18cm, (7"), one stand with rudimentary repairs, eight circular hot plates with double lips, diameter 25cm, (10"), two navette-shaped dishes of octagonal outline, width 30cm, (12"), six dinner plates, diameter 25cm, (9") and six dessert plates, diameter 20cm, (8"), (31). £8000-10000 £8000
15 A Bohemian gilt overlay vase, drawn polygonal neck, dog-tooth banding, engraved with flowers and scrolls against a gilt ground, 21cm, (8"). £150-200 £130
16 An extensive Bohemian porcelain dinner and tea service, Haas & Czizek, Schlaggenwald, 20th century, wrythen and rococo moulded, painted with sprays of flowers, comprising two-handled soup tureen, ogee domed lid, floral finial 25cms, (10"), meat plates and serving plates, dinner plates, soup plates, dishes, teapot, sucrier, teacups and saucers, coffee cups, etc., (75). £500-700  
17 An English hybrid hard paste porcelain oval teapot, probably Spode, circa 1800, batt printed with rural scenes, gilt outlines, pattern number 557, 17cm, (7"), another teapot probably Spode, of straight-sided oval form, printed en grisaille with floral sprays and insects, gilt outlines, 16cm, (6") and another teapot, probably Chamberlains, circa 1790, of oval fluted form, gilt decoration, (damaged handle), 17cm, (7"), (3). £70-100 £100
18 A Lalique opalescent near spherical bowl, with a light blue tint, moulded design, acid-etched - R. Lalique, (chipped), 19cms, (7"). £80-120 £155
19 A "Sevres" portrait plate, probably late 19th century, Marie de Medici, flange with supplementary reserves, filled with trophies, on a blue de roi ground, with jewelled enamelling, 24cms, (9"). RESTORED RIM £80-120 £160
20 A Victorian ironstone plate, decorated with a jardiniere of flowers, in an Imari palette, diameter 24cms, (9"). £40-60 £20
21 An extensive Booths earthenware dinner service, "Oriental Tree" pattern, comprising a rectangular vegetable tureen on stand, with a domed lid, width 31cms, (12"), a pair of square -shaped entree dishes, a pair of sauce tureens on stands, one with a ladle, four graduating oval dishes, twenty-four dinner plates, twelve soup plates, twenty-three dessert plates, twenty-four side plates. £400-600 £440
24 A Chinese blue and white shallow dish, 18th or 19th century, decorated in under-glazed blue and iron red, with a chrysanthemum, stylised scrolling foliate within a hatched band, diameter 37cm, (14")l £400-600 £2300
25 An English Hybrid hard paste porcelain tea set, probably New Hall circa 1800, batt-printed with landscape scenes, with gilt outlines, comprising an oval teapot, 18cm, (7"), a teapot stand, a boat-shaped sucrier, milk jug, slop bowl, eleven cups, nine saucers, together with five coffee cans of differing patterns, two saucers and two shallow dishes, (some damage and rubbing), (35). £250-400 £300
26 A French Faience novelty flask, modelled as Venus on a dolphin, painted in colours, (chipped) 18cms (7"). £100-150 £85
28 A pair of Viennese oval plaques, late 19th century, Psyche with an Urn and The Lutist, fluted magenta ground with gilt decoration, titled in German 38cms (15"). £200-300 £650
29 A pair of French porcelain lamp bases, probably Limoges circa 1900, of columnar form, with floral spiral festoons and floral swags to the socles, simulated marble plinths 43cms (17") METAL STEMS/CORES £100-150 £1000
30 A pair of Bohemian ruby-tinted and overlaid vases, late 19th century, trumpet bowls with gilt painted floral scrolls, knopped stems, (one damaged), domed bases 30cms, (12"). £200-300 £650
31 A Moorcroft powder blue ginger jar, of ovoid form, painted monogram and impressed marks, 27cms (10"). £400-600  
32 An English blue and white creamware jug, late 18th century, named Thomas Stevenson, Hallaton, Leicestershire, surrounded by floral sprigs, matched by a chinoiserie scene with a figure in a landscape, (hairline crack and crazed), 23.5cm, (9"). £400-600 £400
33 An Imari barber's bowl, 19th century, decorated with a jardiniere of flowers, the border divided into compartments, with phoenix and flowers, painted in under-glazed blue, iron red and gilt, diameter 28cm, (11"). £150-200  
34 A Dresden porcelain dessert service, circa 1900, pierced and scrolled rococo outlines, painted with floral spays in coloured enamels, comprising two tall comports, diameter 24cms, (9"), a low comport and eleven plates, (14). £300-500  
35 A Chinese polychrome gu-shaped garniture vase, probably 19th century, yellow and sky blue ground with reserves of birds and flowering foliage, 46.5cms, (18"). £500-700 £440
36 A pair of Bohemian green-tinted and overlaid lustre candlesticks, second half of the 19th century, tulip head sconces over shallow lobed bowls, prismatic lustre drops, white overlaid, painted with flowers in polychrome enamels, (chipped), 25cms, (10"). £600-800 £540
37 A Staffordshire printware commemorative mug, "QUEEN VICTORIA AND PRINCE ALBERT", circa 1840, stained, 10cm, (4") and another printware commemorative mug, "VICTORIA REGINA born 24th of May 1819 proclaimed 20th of June 1837", of waisted form, feather-edged handle, (damaged), 12cm, (5"), (2). £50-80 £210
38 A Staffordshire commemorative mug, inscribed in gilt, "Queen Victorian married Feby.10th 1840 to Prince Albert", 7cms, (2") and another commemorative mug, probably marking the coronation, puce appliques with profile portraits, coronets, marked, "VICTORIA", stained, 8cm, (3"), (2). £50-80 £190
39 A Staffordshire commemorative mug, "ALBERT, VICTORIA", black printed portrait roundels, 8cm, (3"). Footnote: Apparently issued by the Royal Opera House. £50-80 £160
40 A Staffordshire commemorative mug, "LEICESTER COMMEMORATION DIAMOND JUBILEE.... 1897", 8.5cm, (3"), another "The Royal Jubilee Mug", by J.F. Wileman, printed on a blue-grey ground, 9cm, (3") and another "VICTORIAN REGINA THE LONGEST REIGN IN ENGLISH HISTORY....1896", by Aynsley & Sons, 7.5cms, (3"), (3). £40-60 £55
41 A Staffordshire commemorative plate, "VICTORIA QUEEN AND EMPRESS JUBILEE YEAR 1887" by Silber & Fleming Ltd., square form with canted corners, width 24cm, (9") and another "Golden Jubilee Plate" by Ford, Challinor & Co., square shape with canted corners, width 24cm, (10"), (2). £40-60 £80
42 Three Victorian earthenware tiles, Ferdinand and Ariel, Ye Watch Dog Burry Verges and Touchstone Rosalind and Celia, printed in blue, painted gilt ground, in oak frames, 24 x 24cms, (9" x 9"). £60-100 £220
43 A pair of Flight, Barr & Barr Period Worcester urn-shaped vases, circa 1800, painted with broad floral bands, green ground, moulded scrolled handles, square bases, impressed marks and inscribed in puce - Flight, Barr & Barr, Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester, London House, Coventry Street, (damaged), 28cms, (11").METAL STEMS/CORE £150-200 £440
45 A Derby porcelain tea service, early 19th century, decorated with cup-shaped urns, scrolling foliate within Key pattern bands, on an orange ground, comprising a silver-shaped teapot, scrolled handle, repaired spout, 15cm, (6"), on an oval stand, an oval sucrier, milk jug, slop bowl, shallow dish, eight cups, seven saucers, together with seven coffee cans, pattern number 770, mostly with standard cross battens mark in red, (28). (Some rubbing and old repairs). £250-400 £600
46 A pair of Victorian frosted glass lustre vases, petalled rims, outlined in green with gilt painted foliate decoration, each fitted with eight prismatic drops, 24cms, (9"). £100-150 £110
47 A pair of German porcelain groups, emblematic of Summer and Winter, modelled with cherubs, Summer with a lamb, Winter with a sleigh and fire, painted in coloured enamels, rococo bases, 16cms, (6"). £100-200 £95
48 A Paris porcelain covered vase, marked for Mare Eugen Bloch, of shouldered form with a domed lid, kneeling cherub finial, encrusted with flowers and floral swags, painted with floral spays in coloured enamels, 31cm, (12"). £100-150 £80
49 A Wedgwood "Fairyland" bowl, designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones, decorated with playful fairies, iridescent glaze, pattern number Z4968, (hairline crack), diameter 14.5cm, (5"). £250-300 £300
50 A Moorcroft baluster-shape lamp base, "Pansies" design, on an ivory coloured ground, painted signature mark and impressed factory marks, 15cm, (6"). £120-150 £550
51 A massive Sevres slender ovoid pedestal vase, with gilt metal mounts, late 19th century, continuous painted scene, signed - H. Deprez Sevres, of 18th century figures in a garden setting, bleu de roi collar, domed lid, foot tooled gilt foliate decoration, pseudo Sevres mark, 95cms, (37"). £2000-3000 £3800
52 A pair of Royal Worcester ornamental ewers, date mark for 1919, the ovoid bowls with a broad scrolled band, incorporating painted roundels of fruit, signed - H. Price and J.F. Leyman, powder-blue ground with gilt decoration, pattern number 2711, 33cms, (13"). £400-600 £440
53 A Meissen figural sweetmeat dish, late 19th century, modelled as a reclining lady in 18th century dress, each holding a shaped oval flower encrusted basket, painted with flowers, shaped rococo scrolled base, blue cross swords mark, cancellation mark, incised 2858, length 32cms, (12"). £250-350 £380
54 A pair of Bohemian white overlay vases, second half of the 19th century, pear-shaped bowls, flared necks, serpentine scrolled outlines, painted reserves of flowers, flanked by vacant cross hatched reserves, gilt decoration, slight damage, 31cms, (12"). £500-800 £1400
55 A continental porcelain figure, youth in 18th century dress, probably French, late 19th century, standing with a lute, circular base, painted in coloured enamels, indistinct moulded mark, 33cms, (13"). £200-300 £150
56 A pair of Macintyre Florian ware vases, decorated with butterflies and flowers, printed mark and painted initials, 221/2cms, (9"). £400-600 £1500
60 A George III silver mug, maker's mark rubbed, London 1809, straight sided form with reeded bands, 5ozs, 8.5cms, (3"). £150-200  
61 A small early George III Mug by Francis Spilsbury, London 1736, baluster-shaped, 'S' scroll handle, later engraved crest and initials, 4ozs, 8cm, (3"). £250-300 £240
62 A George III silver cream jug, indistinct maker's mark, London 1805, of shaped oval form, with a reeded girdle and engraved bands, 8.5cm, (3"). £100-150 £90
63 A George III Old English pattern basting spoon, possibly by Thomas Wallis, London 1802, engraved monogram, 29cm, (11"). £120-160  
64 A George II silver sauceboat, by John Langlands, Newcastle probably 1751, leaf-capped flying scroll handle, chase floral decoration, on three hoof feet, 8ozs, 12.5cm, (5"). £200-300  
65 A Dutch silver fish slice, 19th century, 833 standard, pierced and engraved blade, beaded handle, 31cms, (12"). £80-120 £70
67 A George III silver pap boat, by Thomas Wallis, London 1803, plain lipped oval form, engraved monogram, length 12cms, (4"). £150-200 £140
68 A set of George III knives and forks, with pistol handles, probably by James Sutton, late 18th century, scrolled terminals, comprising ten knives and eleven forks, (21). £100-150 £480
69 A Victorian silver soup ladle, by Francis Higgins, 1896, Old English pattern, with engraved monogram and twelve matching table forks, 37ozs, (13). £350-500 £480
70 A matched set of six tea knives, steel blades with engraved monograms under a coronet, green stained handles with white metal overlay. £50-70 £130
71 A circular silver powder compact by Cohen & Charles, London 1936, engine-turned decoration, diameter 8cms, (3"). £30-50 £42
72 A square shaped silver cigarette case, by Asprey & Co. Ltd., London 1936, cedar-wood lined, width 9cms, (3") and a Victorian silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1896, engraved monogram and engine-turned decoration, 8cms, (3"), (2). £30-50 £130
73 A Dutch silver novelty vase, designed as a wheelbarrow, import marks for Chester 1899, embossed with cherubs and rococo scrolls, heart-shaped bowl with a single wheel, double handles, 8.5cms, (3"). £80-120 £150
74 A rectangular electro-plated entree dish and cover, by Harrison Bros & Howson, moulded outline, cast handle, length 27cms, (10") and an oval entree dish and cover, beaded outlines, twin handles, webbed feet, length 28cms, (11"), (2). £30-50 £45
75 A child's silver spoon and pusher, by Suckling Ltd., Birmingham 1936-37, reeded handles, cased, two silver napkin rings, a set of six electroplated coffee spoons, cased and an electroplated three-piece set, comprising a butter knife, preserve spoon and pickle fork, with mother of pearl handles, cased. £30-50 £75
76 A set of six Victorian dessert spoons, by Samuel Hayne and Dudley Cater, London 1851, reeded scroll handles, (two damaged), 13ozs. £100-150 £150
77 A Victorian silver Crown - 1889, and a small quantity of coins. £40-60 £55
78 A Victorian silver four-piece tea and coffee set, by Henry Holland, London 1878, pear-shaped form, engraved with fern leaves and ivy, comprising teapot, 20cm, (8"), coffee pot, two-handled sugar bowl and milk jug, (teapot dented), 68ozs gross, (4). £500-800 £950
79 A pair of Central European three-light dwarf candelabra, with Czechoslovakian import marks, with two double scrolled branches, shallow drip pans, lightly lobed, octagonal bases, 15ozs in total, 18cm, (7"), (2). £300-400 £260
80 A French silver coffee pot, of Louis XVI design, L. Lapar, Orfevre, Paris, 19th century, semi-fluted pear-shaped form, hinged domed lid, with fruit urn finial, cast with swags and ribbon ties, turned ebony side handle, raised on three hoof feet, 24ozs gross, 26cm, (10"). £300-400 £360
81 A Russian silver teapot, St. Petersburg 1865, of compressed circular form, with a cast melon finial, 18ozs, 11cm, (4"). £300-400 £440
82 A pair of continental electroplate four-light candelabra, Central European, circa 1900, fluted urn sconces, scrolled branches, knopped and shouldered shafts, stepped and shaped moulded circular bases, 43cm, (17"). £300-400 £260
83 A French silver coffee pot, 19th century of tapering straight sided form, with a domed hinged lid, fluted finial, egg and dart moulded hand to the collar, walnut side handle, 8oz, 18cm, (7"). £100-150 £130
84 A twelve-place canteen of cutlery, Czechoslovakian, after 1929, 800 standard, scallop and shell pattern, comprising a serving spoon and fork, a smaller serving spoon and two pickle forks, twelve tablespoons, twelve table knives with steel blades and table forks, eleven dessert knives with steel blades and forks, twelve tea knives with steel blades, twelve cake forks, twelve sorbet spoons and eight teaspoons, engraved monogram, 122ozs weighable. £500-800 £1250
85 A George III oblong vinaigrette, probably by James Beebe, London 1805, bright-cut trellis pattern decoration, gilt grille, with scrolling foliage and a rosette width 5cms (2"). £200-300 £270
86 A George III circular vinaigrette, by Joseph Willmore, Birmingham 1811, with engraved wrigglework decoration of a bird and foliage, engraved gilt grille diameter, excluding handle 2.5cms, (1"). £200-300  
87 The Liberty Bowl, being a reproduction of the original produced by Paul Revere, Massachusetts for Times Newspapers Ltd., London 1976, slightly flared form, engraved Libertarian cartouche, matched by a text and with signatures to the rim, 44ozs diameter 28cms (11"). £400-600 £680
88 An Art Nouveau electroplated ewer, by W.M.F., cast decoration of a maiden, flowering tendrils, hinged domed lid, 23cms (9"). £150-200 £230
89 An Arts & Crafts silver caddy spoon, by Sandheim .Brothers, London 1919, dished hammered bowl, lug handle with beading, 5cm, (3"). £50-70 £95
90 A set of ten electroplated novelty knife rests, second quarter of the 20th century, modelled as foxes with elongated bodies, 8cm, (3"), in a wooden case. £100-200 £200
91 Two electroplated novelty condiments, by Gallia, modelled as owls, one numbered 6074, 5cm, (2"). £60-80 £110
92 A Victorian presentation breakfast tureen, with spirit burner warmer, by Mappin & Webb, engraved. "Presented to Myles Burkett-Foster Esquire, as a mark of their sincere affection by the officers and by the past and present children of the foundling hospital Christmas Day 1892", the domed lid with embossed decoration, foliage and scrolls, laurel cast handles, on an open base with pad feet width 43cms. Footnote: Myles Burkett Foster (1851 to 1922) was a son of the artist. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music, was organist at the foundling hospital at Her Majesty's Theatre. He composed children's cantatas and much church music. £70-100 £170
93 A Regency silver teapot, by Rebecca Eames and Edward Barnard, London 1813, circular semi-fluted form, with a gadrooned band, fruitwood scrolled handle and finial, dented, 22ozs gross, 15cms, (6"). £200-300 £300
94 A George III helmet-shaped silver cream jug, possibly by Thomas Law, Sheffield 1816, plain swollen form, reeded handle, 11cms, (4"). £40-60 £55
95 An Edwardian silver waiter, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1909, moulded piecrust and scroll rim, engraved rococo cartouche surrounding the initial 'D', raised on three cast scrolled feet, 12ozs, diameter 20cm, (8"). £80-120 £170
96 A Victorian silver circular salver, by Samuel Whitford, London 1878, moulded piecrust and gadrooned rim, engraved crest and pendant motto, on three scrolled and anthemion feet, 30ozs, diameter 30cm, (11"). £200-300 £400
97 An oak mounted electroplate armorial, with the royal arms, under a coronet and motte - "Intus si recte ne labora", labelled Morgan & Co., Cardiff, 44 x 34cm, (17 " x 13"). £40-60 £32
98 A four-piece silver tea set, by Vines, Sheffield 1931, plain oval form with bobbin moulded outlines, comprising a teapot with composition handle and finial, 15cm, (6"), hat water jug with composition handle and finial, two-handled sugar bowl and milk jug, 58ozs gross, (4). £400-600 £800
99 A set of six Victorian Scottish silver sauce ladles, by J. McKay, Edinburgh 1839, Fiddle pattern, engraved with a motto on a strap, 8ozs, (6). £200-300 £220
100 Northamptonshire Musical Competition, a plaque by Ramsden & Carr, London 1908, silver faced with enamel, designed with a wreath of birds around a sunrise motif, under a castellated coronet and inscribed, "WHEN PHOEBUS ROSE HIS GOLDEN RAY THE FEATHER QUIRES HAIL THE DAY IN A PAEAN SWEET AND STRONG, GIVE MAN EXAMPLE FOR A CHORAL SONG, PRESENTED BY LADY WANTAGE TO FACTORIES COMPETING IN CHORAL MUST 1909", (damaged), oak backed, 46 x 33cm, (18" x 13"). £200-300 £400
101 The Dallington Challenge Cup for Village Choral Singing, three-handled covered trophy cup by Roberts & Belk Ltd., London 1908, the cup with a double domed lid and urn finial, the bowl with three scrolled branches and a moulded girdle, engraved, "The Northamptonshire Musical Competitions, Presented by Lord Revelstoke 1909", 51ozs, on an ebonised stand, 36cm overall, (14"). £400-600 £700
102 The Agnes Nicholls' Shield, ebonised with silver appliques, by William Hutton & Sons Ltd., London 1908, with a central heart-shaped motif, after a design by W. Shaffield Brown, Melody, Harmony and Rhythm, under a presentation plaque, "NORTHAMPTONSHIRE MUSICAL COMPETITIONS, AWARDED TO THE CHOIR GIVING THE MOST ARTISTIC RENDERING OF ANY TEST PIECE" with ribbon appliques, engraved with the recipients, 52 x 35cms, (20" x 15"). £200-300  
103 George III style circular silver salver by Barker Brothers, Chester 1917.edged and moulded outline, engraved crest and motto, (indistinctly), raised on four hoof feet, 27ozs., diameter 31cms, (12"). £250-350 £370
104 A pair of Victorian silver Corinthian column table lamps, by Barker Brothers, Birmingham 1895, composite capitals, infilled fluted shafts, stepped squared bases with beading, weighted, 16cm, (6"). £200-300 £160
105 Matched three-piece silver tea set, by S Blankensee & Sons Ltd. Chester 1918 and Birmingham 1925, shaped and moulded oblong form, the teapot composition handle and ebonised finial, raised on bun feet, 15cm, (6"), with a two handled sugar bowl and milk jug, 26ozs gross. £250-350 £380
106 A Victorian three-piece silver tea set, by Atkin Bros., Sheffield 1894, plain oval form, gadrooned outlines, raised on scrolled and pad feet, comprising a teapot with ebonised handle and finial, 15cm, (6"), two-handled sugar bowl and milk jug, 34ozs. gross. £300-400 £480
107 A George III style circular silver salver, by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1908, moulded piecrust edge, raised on three scrolled feet, 28ozs, diameter 32cm, (12"). £200-300 £370
108 A George I baluster mug, probably by Joseph Clare, London 1725, slightly tapering form, double scroll handle, flared foot, 8ozs, 7cm, (4"). £500-700 £560
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Viewing Category Lots
Viewing Category Lots
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