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Tuesday 4th September 2012, 10:30 am

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Viewing Category Lots
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1 A Chinese polychrome vase, Qianlong, moulded shaped reserves painted with figurative scenes, blue ground, decoration in gilt with flowers, butterflies and foliage, hairline crack, 26cms, (10¼"). £50-80 £200
2 A Victorian porcelain plaque, attributed to Coalport, mid 19th Century, painted with a spray of Spring flowers, 14 x 12cms, (5½" x 4¾") in an oak frame and an oval painted porcelain plaque, framed, (2). £150-200 £160
3 A Chinese export porcelain blue and white plate, Qianlong, decorated with flowers and bamboo, hatched and foliate border, (rim chips), diameter 32cms, (12½") and a Chinese export porcelain blue and white meat plate, rectangular form with canted corners, decorated with a river landscape, (chips and hairline crack), width 37cms, (14½"). £150-200 £130
4 A Chinese Celadon baluster-shaped vase, incised decoration of chrysanthemums and scrolling foliage, drilled as a lamp base, 29cms, (11½). £200-300  
5 A large Chinese blue and white porcelain moon flask, four-character mark, decorated with dragons amongst flowering foliage, lizard motifs to the shoulders, 45cms, (17½"). £400-600 £480
6 A Canton circular rose bowl, 19th or 20th Century, the panels alternating with figurative scenes, flowers and foliage, patterned ground, diameter 27cms, (10½"). £250-350 £280
7 A Chinese blue and white porcelain moon flask, eight-character mark, decorated with dragons and flaming pearls, applied lizard motifs to the shoulders, 38cms, (15"). £400-600 £420
8 A Chinese sang de boeuf baluster shaped vase, flambé glaze, drilled as a lamp base, 35cms, (13¾"). £200-300 £220
9 A Chinese famille vert bottle vase, bearing Daoguang six-character mark, decorated with dragons chasing a flaming pearl, 38cms, (15"). £300-500 £420
10 A Satsuma ovoid vase, decorated with honeysuckle, birds and water lilies, tooled gilt blue ground, drilled as a lamp base, 25cms, (10"). £100-150 £100
11 A Japanese porcelain vase, of shouldered baluster form, the reserves decorated with figures, trophies and pavilions, matched by flowers and fruit, patterned foliate ground, predominantly burnt orange and gilt palette, 21cms, (12"). £200-300  
12 A Dutch Delft blue and white five piece garniture, probably late 19th Century, comprising three shouldered baluster covered vases, with domed lids with bird and berry finials, moulded cartouche reserves, painted with figures in 18th Century costume, 48cms, (19") and a pair of beaker vases, 32cms, (12½"), marked with a 'W' device, numbered 596/24, with rim chips, (5). £600-800 £550
13 A Castleford type salt-glazed stoneware jug, mid 19th Century, brown dipped collar, moulded and reeded, the body with applied moulded decoration of classical figures, part cane wrapped handle, (probably disguising a repair), cracks to the base, 24cms, (9¼"). £80-120  
14 A Davenport ironstone jug, mid 19th Century, of octagonal section, serpent handle, decorated with stylised foliage in Imari colours, (riveted), 18cms, (7") and six similar jugs, graduating in size, (7). £150-200 £130
15 A First Period Worcester teapot, Jabberwocky pattern, circa 1780's, of fluted barrel shape, domed lid with a bud finial, painted in coloured enamels, turquoise border, gold anchor mark, 14cms, (5½"). £70-100 £180
16 A Staffordshire printware dessert basket, on stand, second quarter of the 19th Century, oval pierced bowl with twin handles, decorated with rabbits in a landscape setting, bowl width 29cms, (11¼"), (2). £50-80 £240
17 A Chamberlain & Co Worcester cup and saucer, circa 1840, decorated with Chinese objects and mythical beasts within lappets, green, iron red and gilt ground and an armorial cup and saucer, early 19th Century, decorated with a crest, motto and pendant, gilt and blue ground with reserves, (4). £50-80 £360
18 A Barr, Flight & Barr Period Worcester coffee can, circa 1810, well painted floral reserves, on a magenta band, impressed marks, 6cms, (2¼"), a Spode coffee can, decorated with a rose band, pattern number 984, another Spode coffee can, stylised floral decoration on a green ground, pattern number 1382, a Derby Imari pattern coffee can, Chamberlain's Worcester cup, with floral sprays and five other coffee cans, (10). £200-300 £600
19 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain tureen, Qianlong, decorated with a river landscape scene, pavilions and boats, the domed lid with fruit finial, two mask head handles, (restored), width 33cms, (13"). £400-600  
20 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain teapot, probably Jiaqing, of cylindrical form, decorated with river landscapes, pavilions and a fenced garden, fruit finial, double strap handle, (restored), 16cms, (6¼"). £300-400 £300
21 A Chinese famille rose plate, Qianlong or later, decorated with birds amongst flowering foliage, painted in coloured enamels, (rim chips and hairline cracks), diameter 23cms, (2") and two other famille rose plates, (both damaged), (3). £120-150 £120
22 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain plate, decorated with birds and a pine tree, within a diaper band, diameter 23cms, (9") and another Chinese blue and white plate, (2). £100-150  
23 A pair of Satsuma shouldered ovoid vases, three-character marks, decorated with buildings on a hillside and wisteria, 23cms, (9"). £200-300 £270
24 A Chinese polychrome rose bowl, Qianlong, the reserves decoration with floral sprays in famille rose enamels, under-glazed blue foliate ground, (cracked), diameter 24cms, (9½"). £60-100 £55
25 A large Victorian majolica fish dish and cover, probably George Jones, circa 1870, the lid modelled with a trout set amongst leaves, the base basket weave moulded, indistinct registration mark, 55cms, (21½"). £2500-3500  
26 A pair of Meissen figural candlesticks, attributed to E.A. Leuteritz, late 19th Century, modelled respectively with putti emblematic of Spring and Summer, and of Autumn and Winter, encrusted with flowers and painted in colours, incised E128 and E129, 33cms, (13"). £200-300 £1100
27 A Rockingham style bone china tea set, circa 1840, floral reserves, on a gilt decorated pink ground, comprising teapot of compressed circular form, with domed lid, 15cms, (6"), two-handled sucrier, milk jut, waste bowl, twelve, plus nine cups, twelve saucers, two plates, pattern number 4751, (39). Footnote: Illustrated in Rockingham book. £500-700 £800
28 A Prattware Toby jug, early 19th century, Mr Toby seated, wearing a mottle blue coat, holding a jug of ale, (restored), 25cms, (10"). £70-100 £460
29 A Stafordshire "Squire Taking Snuff" Toby jug, late 19th/early 20th Century, with a figure standing with a tricorn hat lid, wearing a blue coat, (chipped), 36cms, (14"). £120-180  
30 A Staffordshire lilac coloured cottage pastille burner, mid 19th century, with a separate base, encrusted with flowers and foliate, the base section including an arbour frontis, encrusted with flowers and foliage, heightened in gilt, (some losses and hairline crack), 14cms, (5½"). £120-160  
31 A Staffordshire cottage pastille burner, mid 19th Century, the roof canopy supported by four columns and with three lanterns, encrusted with flowers, outlined in gilt, (some losses), 14cms, (5½") and a Staffordshire tower house pastille burner, encrusted decoration, 13cms, (5"), (2). £120-160 £60
32 A Staffordshire cottage pastille burner, perhaps late 19th Century, ochre coloured double gable cottage with dormer window, encrusted decoration, 14cms, (5½") and another Staffordshire cottage pastille burner of a very similar design, (2). £120-160  
33 A Staffordshire lilac coloured cottage pastille burner, second half of the 19th Century, single gable design, encrusted decoration, (some losses), 12cms, (4¾") and another Staffordshire cottage pastille burner, lilac coloured encrusted outlines, (hairline cracks), 14cms, (5½"), (2). £150-200  
34 A Staffordshire lilac coloured cottage pastille burner, mid 19th Century, pagoda roof with four Solomonic columns, encrusted decoration and outlined in gilt, (chipped and cracked), 17cms, (6¾"). £120-160 £100
35 A Staffordshire cottage pastille burner, probably 19th Century, with arched windows, projecting wings, encrusted decoration, (hairline crack), 12cms, (4¾"), another Staffordshire cottage pastille burner with encrusted decoration, 15cms, (6") and a small Staffordshire cottage pastille burner with encrusted decoration, (chipped), 9cms, (3½"), (3). £150-200  
36 A small Staffordshire lilac coloured cottage pastille burner, on a separate base, mid 19th Century, gabled cottage, with encrusted decoration, 10cms, (4"). £80-120  
37 A Chinese yellow ground shallow bowl, decorated with dragons chasing a flaming pearl, lightly incised scrolled ground, (some flaking), diameter 16cms, (6¼"). £100-150 £140
38 A Chinese blue and white cushion-shape circular box, bearing Kangxi six-character mark, the lid decorated with figures, diameter 9cms, (3½"). £200-300  
39 A Chinese stoneware Meiping shaped vase, streaked glaze, the hatched design to the foot,weighted, having served as a lamp base, 32cms, (12½"). £200-300  
40 A Chinese inspired Royal Worcester jardiniere, on stand, circa 1880, compressed spherical bowl, moulded with flowering chrysanthemums and a lizard, painted in turquoise on a dark blue ground, hexagonal stand with impressed marks and numbered 305, (hairline cracks) height overall 28cms, (11"), diameter 29cms, (11½"). £300-400 £260
41 A Chinese turquoise ground bottle vase, bearing Daoguang red seal mark, decorated with stylised flowers, painted in famille rose enamels, Key pattern collar over a lappet band, scrolled handles, (one damaged), 31cms, (12¼"). £4000-6000  
42 A Chinese polychrome two-handled vase, four-character mark, Republic Period, compressed spherical bowl, with loose rings to the handles, decorated with storks over the sea, with a red sun, 41cms, (16"), on a hard wood stand. £1500-2000  
43 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain meat plate, Qianlong, rectangular form with canted corners, Fence pattern with willow and chrysanthemums, width 45cms, (17½"). £200-300 £190
44 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain dish, Qianlong, rectangular form with canted corners, decorated with a river landscape, buildings and trees, width 37cms, (14½") and a pair of Chinese blue and white soup plates of octagonal form, decorated with river landscapes, bridge and pavilion. £200-300 £120
45 A Chinese blue and white export porcelain plate, rectangular form with canted corners, decorated with three pillars, bamboo and chrysanthemums, width 31cms, (12¼") and three smaller dishes of the same design, (one chipped), width 28cms, (11"), (4). £150-200 £270
46 An extensive ironstone dinner service, Staffordshire early 19th Century, painted with oriental flowers, within a diaper border, painted in Imari colours, comprising a two-handled vegetable tureen, with domed cover, on a stand, width 46cms, (18"), two rectangular breakfast dishes with domed covers, width 24cms, (9½"), a pair of oval sauce tureens with domed lids, on stands, width 23cms, (9"), a two handled basin, width 32cms, (12½"), eight oval dishes in sizes, 49cms, (19") and smaller, twelve soup plates, eleven dessert plates, twelve side plates, unmarked, some items matched, (some damaged and old repairs), (50). £2000-3000 £1000
47 A pearlware style Toby jug, "Portobello", early 19th century, Mr Toby seated, holding a jug of ale, wearing a black tricorn hat and coat, 24cms, (9½"). Provenance: Harland Collection, No. 53, Sotheby's. £350-500  
48 A "Yorkshire" style red faced Toby jug, Mr Toby seated, holding a jug of ale, with a mottled green and black tricorn hat, burgundy coloured coat, also with red hands, 25cms, (10"). £200-300  
49 A Staffordshire hunchback pot-bellied Toby jug, probably early 20th century, Mr Toby seated wearing a black tricorn hat and blue coat holding a jug and glass, 24cms, (9½"). £80-120  
50 A Staffordshire 'Squire' Toby jug, 20th century, the 'Squire' seated on a corner chair, wearing a black tricorn hat and blue coat, holding a jug of ale, 28cms, (11"). £100-150  
51 A Staffordshire Lady taking Snuff jug, 19th century, standing, holding a snuff box, wearing a tricorn hat, (repaired), red blouse and striped dress, 25cms, (10"). Provenance: Harland Collection, No. 65, Sotheby's. £300-400  
52 A pearlware pockmarked Toby jug, circa 1800, Mr Toby seated, with a foaming jug of ale, wearing a black tricorn hat and grey coat, 25cms, (10"). £500-700  
53 A Staffordshire 'Hearty Good Fellow' Toby jug, second quarter of the 19th century, Mr Toby standing, holding a foaming jug of ale and a pipe, (restored), wearing a black tricorn hat and lilac coloured coat, 30cms, (12"). £200-300  
54 A Staffordshire porcelaneous Toby jug, probably late 19th century, Mr Toby seated holding a foaming jug of ale, wearing a blue tricorn hat and coat, bears gold anchor mark, 25cms, (10"). £200-300 £190
55 A "Ralph Wood" Long Face Toby jug, late 18th century, pearly glazed, Mr Toby seated, holding a jug of ale and a beaker, wearing a black tricorn hat and blue coat, 25cms, (10"). £1200-1600 £1200
56 Staffordshire Landlord Handless Toby Jug, after the design by Sampson Smith, Toby seated on a barrel, "HOME BREWED ALE 1", wearing a coloured tricorn hat, blue coat, (hairline cracks), 29cms, (11¼"). £150-200  
57 A salt-glazed stoneware King George Toby jug, probably North Midlands, mid 19th century, the figure seated, holding a jug of foaming ale, 30cms, (12"). £100-150 £95
58 A pearlware 'Martha Gunn' Toby jug, after a design by Ralph Wood, early 19th century, the lady seated, cocked hat with three feathers, holding a bottle and glass, bluish transparent green ochre and iron red glazes, 29cms, (11½"). £1000-1500 £950
59 A Portobello style Toby jug, seated, with a jug of ale, wearing a black tricorn hat and blue coat, 26cms, (10¼"). Provenance: Harland Collection, No. 87, Sotheby's. £200-300  
60 A Staffordshire 'Sinner' Toby jug, 19th century, pockmarked Toby seated, holding a jug and glass, wearing a tricorn hat and red coat, 20cms, (8"). £600-800 £600
61 A pair of German porcelain four-light figural candelabra, Sitzendorf 20th Century, three-branches encrusted with trailing roses, the bases modelled with classical maidens holding cherubs, the shaped serpentine bases encrusted with flowers, painted in colours, (restored), 46cms, (18"). £150-200 £150
62 A Royal Worcester pedestal vase, date mark for 1898, gourd-shaped bowl with scrolled handles to the shoulder, painted with flowers, on an ivory ground, pattern number 1959, 22cms, (8½"). £100-150 £120
63 A Royal Worcester pedestal vase, date mark probably for 1905, gourd-shaped bowl with scrolled handles to the shoulder, painted with floral sprays, on a peach ground, pattern number 1959, 22cms, (8½"). £100-150 £120
64 A Royal Worcester jug, date mark for 1888, ovoid form, impressed at the handle, painted with flowers, on an ivory ground, reeded and gilt handle, pattern number 1094, 20cms, (8"). £50-80 £110
65 A Royal Worcester "rose jar and cover", date mark for 1901, ovoid form, with an interior cover and pierced "coronet" lid, floral decoration on peach ground, pattern number 2048, 25cms, (10"). £200-300 £240
66 A large Royal Worcester amphora-shaped pedestal vase, date mark for 1897, the ovoid bowl with two upright scroll handles, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number 1935, 34cms, (13½"). £150-200 £190
67 A Royal Worcester "coral-handled jug", date mark for 1903. lobed bowl, with coral-like handle and coral sprigs, floral decoration on peach ground, pattern number 1507, (small ring chip), 20cms, (8"). £100-150  
68 A Royal Worcester "vase on plinth", date mark for 1898, slender amphora form, with twin scrolled handles, stepped circular plinth, painted reserves, the bowl decorated with flowers, on a peach ground, pattern number 1957, 28cms, (11"). £100-150 £150
69 A Royal Worcester "Randolph rose jar and cover", date mark for 1899, lobed and shouldered form, with an interior lid and pierced cover, painted with floral sprays, on a peach ground, pattern number1314, 14cms, (5½"). £70-100 £150
70 A Granger & Co Worcester reticulated pot-pourri bowl, circa 1900, reticulated domed cover and knop, pink and gilt decoration, on an ivory coloured ground, raised on three scrolled bracket feet, (restored), diameter 12cms, (4½") and two other Granger & Co Worcester reticulated bowls, diameter 10cms, (4"), (3) £80-120 £100
71 A Royal Worcester Persian shape bottle vase, date mark for 1889, twin scrolled handles, floral decoration, ivory coloured ground, (rubbed), 27cms, (10½"). £70-100  
72 A pair of Royal Worcester ovoid pedestal vases, date marks for 1904, with upright scrolled handles to the shoulders, floral decoration, on a blushed ivory ground, pattern number 962/G, 21cms, (8¼"). £120-180 £240
73 A Royal Worcester scrolled handle jug, date mark for 1890, scrolling acanthus handle, painted with flowers, monogrammed 'E.R.', on a peach ground, pattern number 1439, 19cms, (7½"). £70-100 £120
74 A Royal Worcester "head-handled vase", date mark for 1910, flat top vase-shaped bowl, flying scroll mask-head handles, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number 1759, 27cms, (10½"). £80-120 £110
75 A Royal Worcester cabinet cup and saucer, the date mark for 1899, press moulded, painted with flowers and foliage, on an ivory coloured ground and another Royal Worcester cup and saucer, date marks for 1903, floral decoration on a peach ground, (4). £50-80 £45
76 A Royal Worcester bottle vase, date mark for 1901, trumpet top, floral decoration on a peach ground, pattern number 1661, 24cms, (9½") and a very similar vase, date mark for 1901, (2). £100-150 £190
77 A Royal Worcester "tuck ice jug", date mark for 1904, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number 1116, 16cms, (6¼"), a Royal Worcester "spiral-fluted jug", date mark for 1893, with a rococo scrolled handle, painted with roses and other flowers, on a peach ground, pattern number 1652, 15cms, (6") and a small Royal Worcester "cleft top" jug, date mark for 1893, floral decoration, on an ivory ground, 10cms, (4"), (3). £80-120 £75
78 A Royal Worcester "Persian ewer", date mark for 1896, spherical bowl, pattern number 783, 19cms, (7½") and a "Persian" shape vase, date mark for 1893, floral decoration, on an ivory and cream ground, pattern number 982, 17cms, (6¾"), (2). £60-90 £150
79 A Royal Worcester vase, date mark for 1898, loop handles to the shoulder, moulded ovoid bowl, the reserve decoration with flowers, on peach ground, enamelled and gilt surround, pattern number 1553, 15cms, (6") and a Royal Worcester bottle vase, date mark for 1913, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number G702, 15cms, (6"), (2). £70-100 £130
80 A matched pair of Royal Worcester "head-handled vases", date marks for 1904 and 1906 respectively, slender ovoid bowls, with festoon and mask-head handles, (one rubbed), floral decoration, blushed ivory ground, pattern number 1410, 28cms, (11"). £150-200  
81 A Royal Worcester "plain globular caddy and cover", date mark for 1898, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number 1039, 14cms, (5½") and a Royal Worcester rose jar, date mark for 1900, with internal lid only, basket weave moulded, painted with flowers, on a peach ground, pattern number 1286, 16cms, (6¼"), (2). £60-90 £65
82 A Royal Worcester shouldered vase, date mark for 1913, floral decoration on a peach ground, pattern number F106/H, 22cms, (8¾"), a Royal Worcester pedestal bottle vase, date mark for 1908, floral decoration, on a peach ground, pattern number 789/G, 23cms, (9") and a Royal Worcester two-handled ovoid vase, date mark for 1911, floral decoration, on a peach ground, numbered 287/H, 20cms, (8"), (3). £100-150 £180
83 Three Royal Worcester bottle vases, dated 1894, 1895 and 1910, respectively, impressed bowls, trumpet necks, each painted with flowers, on a peach ground, pattern number 1733, 19cms, (7½"). £80-120 £240
84 A pair of Chinese coral pink beaker vases, bearing Yongzheng four-character marks in blue, decorated with scrolling foliage, 15cms, (6"). £400-600  
85 A small Chinese red wear teapot, seal mark, of oblong form with canted corners, bamboo moulded outlines, incised with landscape motifs and Chinese characters, 9cms, (3½") and five other Chinese pottery teapots, (6). £200-300  
86 A First Period Worcester blue and white sauceboat, Little Fishermen pattern, circa 1760, press moulded wavy edged high-footed silver shape, with decorator's mark, 10cms, (4"). £200-300 £190
87 A First Period Worcester blue and white sauceboat, Fisherman and Bill Board Island pattern, circa 1760's, press moulded, fluted and modelled silver shape, 3.5cms, (chipped), (3½"). £120-180  
88 A First Period Worcester blue and white sauceboat, Mixed-Flower Panel Spray pattern, 1760's, further decorated with a central sprig, press moulded, fluted and modelled silver shape, open crescent mark, (restored), 12cms, (4¾"). £120-180  
89 An extensive Derby Crown Porcelain dinner service, circa 1890, floral decoration in Imari colours, comprising an oval soup tureen with a domed lid, 26cms, (14"), four oval vegetable tureens with domed lids, 29cms, (11½"), a sauce tureen on stand, twelve meat plates and stands in sizes, 46cms, (18") and smaller, twelve soup plates, twenty-four dinner plates, twenty-four dessert plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, slop bowl, eleven cups, twelve saucers and twelve tea plates,(some repairs, chips and rubbing), (116). £600-800 £1350
90 Three Staffordshire printware dessert dishes, mid 19th Century, filigree pattern, compartmentalised flowers, moulded and shaped outlines, each with twin lug handles, marked semi-Nankeen, China, width 26cms, (10"). £60-100 £50
91 A blue tinted and enamelled goblet-shaped vase, Central European, the bowl decorated with scrolled foliage, in white enamel and gilt, the stem section with raspberry prunts, flared and folded foot, 23cms, (9"). £200-300  
96 A pair of Victorian light green tinted opaque glass lustre vases, decorated with roses and rose tendrils, formal gilt scrolls and banding, each fitted with twelve prismatic drops, 31cms, (12"). £200-300 £700
97 A tall ale flute, multiple-spiral airtwist stem, domed ogee foot, 23cms, (9"), a fluted goblet, early 19th century, with a multiple-spiral airtwist stem, (chipped around the foot and rubbed), 20.5cms, (8") and a tall ale glass, probably 18th century, conical bell bowl, with a tear-drop, plain stem, domed folded foot, (rim chip), 23.5cms, (9¼"), (3). £70-100 £140
98 A conical shape firing glass, probably late 18th century, double series opaque twist stem, with heavy spirals, outside a loose vertical cable, firing foot, 11cms, (4¼") and a very similar firing glass, (2). £200-300 £250
99 A wine glass, bell-shaped bowl, true baluster stem under an annulated collar, domed folded foot, 17.5cms, (7") and another wine glass with a pointed round funnel bowl, knopped and ball stem, 18cms, (7¼"), (2). £50-80 £140
100 A wine glass, probably 18th century, bell-shape bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, with heavy spirals outside a gauze cable, slightly domed foot, 15cms, (6"). £80-120 £100
101 A wine glass, probably 18th century, bell-shape bowl with a tear-drop, plain stem, domed folded foot, 17.5cms, (7") and a conical shaped wine, with an elongated tear-drop stem, domed foot, 16cms, (6¼"), (2). £70-100 £140
102 A dwarf wine glass, early 18th century, rounded funnel bowl, inverted baluster stem, a teared mushroom knop, domed folded foot, ground rim, 11.5cms, (4½"). £100-150 £660
103 A cordial glass, 18th century, semi-fluted rounded bowl, with an engraved open arcade and pendant band, plain stem, domed folded foot, 13.5cms, (5¼") and another similar, 12.5cms, (5"), (2). £150-200 £200
104 A wine glass, late 18th century bell-shaped bowl, multiple-spiral airtwist stem, domed folded foot, 17.5cms, (7"). £70-100 £100
105 An ale glass, late 18th century, drawn and lightly fluted bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, with four-ply spirals outside a lace twist, domed foot, (chipped), 17.5cms, (7") and a cordial glass, ovoid bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, spiral threads outside a gauze, domed foot, 13cms, (5"), (2). £80-120 £200
106 A wine glass, mid 18th century, bell-shaped bowl, true baluster drawn tear-drop stem, domed folded foot, 15cms, (6"). £100-150 £260
107 A cordial glass, mid 18th century, rounded funnel bowl, centre knopped stem, slightly domed folded foot, 14.5cms, (5¾"). £80-120 £120
108 A conical shaped wine, late 18th century, drawn tear dropped stem, domed foot, (chipped), 15.5cms, (6") and a wine glass with a conical shaped bowl, engraved on a ribbon 'So air do Shlarante', dropped knopped and multiple spiral airtwist stem, 17cms, (6¾"), (2). £50-80 £170
109 A dwarf wine glass, late 18th Century, ogee bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem with heavy spirals, outside a gauze cable, slightly irregular foot, 11cms, (4¼"). £80-120 £130
110 A wine glass, bell-shaped bowl, with multiple tear drops, double spiral opaque twist stem, with heavy spirals outside a spiral cable, domed foot, (chipped), 17.5cms and a similar wine glass, bell-shape bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, with multi-ply spirals outside a double ply column, domed foot, cracked bowl, 17cms, (6¾"), (2). £140-180 £130
111 A funnel-shaped wine, the stem with a swollen top, an elongated tear-drop, domed foot, 17cms, (6¾"). £60-80 £80
112 A cordial glass, ogee bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, with multi-ply corkscrews outside two ply column, domed foot, 14cms, (5½"). £100-150 £110
113 A small wine glass, first half of the 18th Century, bell-shaped bowl, baluster column, under an annulated top knop and with a tear-drop, domed and folded foot, 13.5cms, (5¼"). £60-80 £400
114 An ale glass, elongated rounded funnel bowl, double spiral opaque twist stem, single multi-spiral outside spiral gauze, domed foot, 18cms, (7"). £120-150 £180
115 A set of four wine glasses, mid 18th Century style, bell-shaped bowls, multi-thread double opaque twist around a gauze, stepped bases, 15cms, (6"). £400-600 £380
116 A set of four wine glasses, late 18th Century, grey metal, rounded funnel bowls, knopped and faceted stems, (one repaired, two chipped), 14.5cms, (5¾"). £150-200 £210
117 A pair of wine glasses, 20th Century, bell-shaped bowls, multi-thread opaque twist stems, with a top and central knop, 16.5cms, (6½) and another wine glass, founded funnel bowl, opaque corkscrew twist stem, 15cms, (6"), (3). £80-120 £160
120 An Edwardian electroplated six-bottle revolving cruet, by Elkington & Co, with a cable twist ring handle, gadrooned outline, four condiments with plated mounts, engraved monogram, 29cms, (11½"). £100-150 £140
121 Four George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoons, by William Turner, London 1767 and two similar tablespoons, probably by George Smith, possible 1774, engraved crests, 12ozs. £180-250 £170
122 A three-piece silver condiment set, by C.J. Vander Ltd., London 1974, bark effect, of triangular tapering form, the mustard with blue glass liner and spoon,8ozs, in total. £100-150 £140
123 A four-piece silver tea and coffee set by J.B. Chatterley & Sons Ltd., Birmingham 1991-95, of rectangular pedestal form with canted corners, each piece with a cast band, foliate motifs, comprising a teapot, stained wood handle and finial, 14cms, (5½"), a coffee pot, 20cms, (8"), a two-handled sugar bowl and milk jug, 59ozs gross in total, (4). £700-1000 £840
124 A three-piece silver condiment set by C.J. Vander, London 1975, of circular form, the mustard with blue glass line and spoon, 8ozs in total. £100-150 £160
125 A Victorian electroplated campana shaped tea urn, by Atkin Bros., Sheffield, domed lid with a pointed finial, reeded handles, engraved foliate decoration, the tap with ebony mount, square platform on four bun feet, 43cms, (17"). £80-120 £70
126 A pair of Arts & Crafts Britannia Standard silver beakers, by R.N.R. Grant, hammered, slightly tapering form, 13ozs in total, 8cms, (3") in a fitted burr walnut oblong shape box, 23cms, (9"). £300-400 £350
127 A set of four Victorian silver-mounted horn beakers, by John Linegar, Birmingham 1877-79, each engraved 'JOHN W LOGAN EAST LANGTON GRANGE', 10cms, (4") and smaller, in a leather case, labelled 'Joseph Rodgers, Sheffield. £200-300 £180
128 A electroplated five-light table candelabra, mid 19th Century, with four detachable foliate scrolled branches, leaf capped urn sconces, shaped drip pans, leaf capped pear and baluster shaft, shaped circular base with serpentine outlines, marked only with an 'N' device, 53cms, (21"). £400-600 £440
129 A Continental parcel gilt and silver filigree cushion-shape oval casket, Central European, mid 19th century, designed with flower heads, scrolling foliage and beading, width 6.5cms, (2½"). £300-500 £290
130 An oval silver dish, by A.E. Jones, Birmingham 1962, plain shallow form with an oval foot ring, numbered 1349, 8ozs, width 23cms, (9"). £100-150 £130
131 A Regency silver ewer-shaped hot water jug, by Robert and Samuel Hennell, London 1812, compressed and semi-gadrooned form, cast outlines with anthemions and scrolls, foliate spout, scrolled cartouches with later engraved monograms, shaped and angular handle, 29ozs, 21cms, (8¼"). £300-500 £420
132 A George III style three-piece silver condiment set, by E.W. Haywood, Birmingham 1946-49, with cast scrolled outlines, each piece raised on four pad foot, with cartouche knees, comprising a mustard pot with a domed hinged lid, 1.5cms, (3") and blue glass liner, salt pot with a blue glass liner and a baluster shaped pepper, 10.5cms, (4¼"), together with two matched silver spoons, 11ozs in total. £150-200 £170
133 An early George III circular silver salver, by Thomas Hannam & John Crouch, London 1766, gadrooned and piecrust edge, temporary engraved rococo cartouche, with a crest of a lion's head, the ground later engraved with flowers, foliage and scrolls, raised on three pad feet, 38ozs,, diameter 33cms, (13"). £500-700 £580
134 A Victorian silver King's pattern cheese scoop, by Robert, James and Josiah Williams, Exeter 1846, shell-back bowl, engraved crest, 21cms, (8¼"). £100-150 £140
135 An Art Nouveau presentation silver vase, by James Wakely and Frank Clarke Wheeler, London 1903, hammered finish, rounded bowl with three single strand scrolled handles, conical base, presentation inscription, 64ozs, 25cms, (10"). £2000-3000 £1800
136 A German Art Nouveau green-tinted glass and white metal mounted claret jug, Orivit, Cologne 1904, moulded decoration of berries and foliage, hinged lid with a thumb piece, scrolled tendril handle, marked - Orivit 2548 and engraved with the retailer's name 'L & F, Cole, Silversmith's, Cambridge', 31cms, (12"). £600-800 £600
137 An electroplated circular rose bowl by William Suckling & Sons, Birmingham, decorated with Celtic style band, twin lug handles, width 26cms, (10"). £200-300  
138 A George IV silver snuff box, by Ledsam Vale & Wheeler, Birmingham 1827, the hinged lid with engine turned decoration, repoussé scrolled outlines, width 7cms, (2¾"). £100-150 £140
139 The Leicester Mercury Silver Challenge Bowl A large Edwardian montieth shaped bowl, by Charles Stuart Harris, London 1902, shaped moulded rim with mask heads, moulded girdle, lion mask loose ring handles, domed foot, engraved "The Leicester Mercury Silver Challenge Bowl Value 70 Guineas Donors, Messrs F. Hewitt & Sons Ltd., Leicester. "To Leicester Competitive Festival of Music Council 1924 for Competition by All the 1st Prize Choirs of Each Annual Festival at the Final Evening Concert Held for Any One Year" weight approx. 120ozs diameter 46cms, (18"), height 28cms, (11"), on a wooden plinth, with a silver band. £1500-2000 £5000
140 An American sterling silver shaped circular bowl by Gorham Manufacturing Co. circa 1900, fluted, shaped outline embossed with chrysanthemums and scrolling foliage, engraved monogram, 8ozs, diameter 25cms, (9½"). £120-180 £130
141 A part canteen of American sterling silver cutlery by Gorham Manufacturing Co, patent date 1897, scrolled outlines, engraved initials, the back engraved 99, comprising a tablespoon, seven dessert spoons, nine dessert forks, ten teaspoons, ten coffee spoons, 40ozs, together with twelve table knives with fused blades, filled handles, (49). £500-700 £650
142 A "Cymric" silver and enamelled commemorative spoon, To Mark the Coronation of Edward VII, by Liberty & Co., Birmingham 1901, cast with Celtic entrelac motif, enamelled predominantly in blue and green, marked 'ANNo Coron ER.VII', 20cms, (8"). Literature: Compare - Steven A Martin, Archibald Knox, 2000 Page 212. £1200-1800 £1600
143 A Chinese silver comport, maker's mark W.H., circa 1900, lobed shallow bowl, pierced and cast decoration of flowering blossom, chrysanthemums, bamboo and dragons amongst cloud motifs, coiled dragon support, domed foot, marked 90, 20ozs, diameter 19cms, (7½"). £300-500 £1350
144 A Burmese white metal circular bowl, circa 1900, decorated in high relief with dancing figures and other characters, repoussé outlines, 19ozs, height 11cms, (4½"). £300-500  
145 A Burmese white metal pedestal bowl, rounded conical bowl, divided with dancing figures within reserves, repoussé domed foot, 9ozs, 12cms, (5"). £150-300  
146 An Indian Colonial silver salver, by Hamilton & Co., Calcutta, moulded piecrust edge, raised on three hoof feet, 17ozs, diameter 26cms, (10"). £200-300 £270
147 A Continental white metal vase-shaped caddy, second half of the 19th Century, domed lid, tapering form, cast decoration with flower vases, birds, scrolls and shells, 15cms, (6"). £100-150  
148 A Continental white metal chatelaine, late 19th Century, cast and pierced rococo style clip with a shield-shaped pendant piece, five linked chains supporting scissor sheaf, a later pen knife, a scent bottle, pencil holder and a needle case, mounted and framed as a wall hanging, 49 x 25cms, (19" x 10") overall. £400-600  
149 An oval presentation tray by Goldsmith's & Silversmith's Company, London 1919, lobed and moulded outline with twin handles, engraved inscription, 87ozs, width 64cms, (20"). £1200-1500 £1300
150 A Victorian silver vase-shaped sugar basket, by Henry Wilkinson & Co., Sheffield 1854, of pedestal form, with a swing handle, cast and engraved decoration, stiff palmettes, beaded outline, blue glass liner, 13cms, (5"). £300-400  
151 A small Edwardian silver oval tray, by Elkington & Co., London 1906, beaded outlines, cast handle, 22ozs, width 36cms, (14"). £250-300 £340
152 A four-piece silver coffee set by Walker & Hall, Sheffield 1923, of flared cylindrical form, comprising teapot and hot water jug, each with an ebony finial and cane-bound 'S' scroll handle, 16cms, (6¼"), a two-handled sugar bowl and a milk jug, 25ozs gross. £300-400 £400
153 A tall silver candlestick by Fergenbaum & Son, Birmingham 1926, shouldered square section tapering shaft, square base, weighted, 26cms, (10"). £50-80  
154 A pair of Victorian silver circular salts by Arthur Sibley, London 1854, cast and embossed foliate decoration, gadrooned outlines, each raised on three lion paw feet, diameter 7.5cms, (3"), with later spoons, (4). £70-100 £75
155 A Victorian silver oval pedestal salt by Sibray, Hall & Co., Sheffield 1880, reeded handles, engraved decoration of fern leaves, width 13cms, (5"). £60-80 £80
156 A silver sauceboat by W Greenwood & Sons, Birmingham 1932, shaped handle, reeded outlines, 5ozs, 10cms, (4") and an electroplated sauceboat, (2). £80-120 £75
157 Three Victorian electroplated oil lamps, compressed spherical bowls with scallop embossed shoulders, marked - Sepulchre's Patent, 20cms, (8"), with chimneys and a single shade. £100-150  
158 A composite six-place silver canteen, Fiddle and Shell pattern cutlery, mostly by George Whiting, London 1862, comprising tablespoons, table forks, dessert spoons, dessert forks, together with a basting spoon by Samuel Smily, London 1867, 51ozs and two sets of ssix modern knives, with stainless steel blades, the spoons and forks, each with an engraved crest of a lion rampant, (31). £700-1000 £850
159 A George III Scottish silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, by William Love, circa 1780, back engraved initials and another similar, by James Wright, Glasgow 1780's, (2). £100-150 £120
160 A George III Scottish silver Fiddle pattern dessert spoon, probably George Booth, Aberdeen, early 19th century, engraved motto and initial, another dessert spoon, possibly by James Begg, Aberdeen, Fiddle pattern teaspoon, maker's mark A.M., probably Aberdeen, another teaspoon attributed to Alexander Cunningham of Dunfries, twelve other teaspoons, together with a George III silver salt spoon and two electroplated spoons. £200-300 £180
161 A George III silver Hanoverian pattern tablespoon, by David Crawford, Newcastle 1778, traces of rococo decoration to the bowl back, engraved monogram and an Old English pattern tablespoon by John Langlands and John Robertson, late 18th Century, (2). £100-150 £90
162 A George III Mote spoon, indistinctly marked, probably late 18th Century, pierced bowl, 13cms, (5"). £50-80 £110
163 A George III silver Fiddle pattern sauce ladle, by Christian Ker Reid, Newcastle 1817, another ladle, attributed to Peter Ross of Aberdeen, circa 1820, Victorian Fiddle pattern ladle by Elizabeth Eaton, London 1848 and another by William Gallimore & Sons, Sheffield 1898, (4). £200-300 £180
164 A George III silver marrow scoop, by William Cattell, London 1779, 23cms, (9"). £80-120 £120
165 A set of four George III silver Old English regimental salt spoons, by Richard Crossley, London 1803, engraved "NORTHAMPTONSHIRE MILITIA", on a strap, enclosing the Royal cipher. £40-60 £65
166 A set of six Continental silver Apostle spoons, possible Austria-Hungry, with import marks for London 1891, twisted hafts, cast terminals. £70-100 £65
167 Four George II silver Onslow pattern teaspoons, marks rubbed, mid 18th Century. £70-100 £110
168 An Edwardian silver-mounted steel button hook, by Crisford & Norris Ltd., Birmingham 1906, the terminal designed as 'Mr Punch', 12cms, (4¾"), six further silver-mounted button hooks, silver-mounted tooth pick and steel folding button hook, (9). £40-60 £85
175 A George IV silver pear-cased pocket watch, Birmingham 1827, plain case, white enamelled dial, verge movement, signed - Saml. Deacon, Barton, No. 3546, 6cms, (2¼"). £200-300 £240
176 A George III silver pair cased pocket watch, London 1779, plain case, white enamelled dial, verge movement, signed Wm. Flint. Charing, No. 30225, four square section pillars, diameter 5.5cms, (2¼"). £200-300 £320
177 An Art Deco 18ct white gold and platinum pin, surmounted by a small pearl, set on a black stone platform, surrounded by a foliate frame, thirteen diamonds issuing from a square-cut facetted stone, 6.5cms, (2½"). £200-300  
178 An Edwardian rose metal hinged bangle of small size, three strand open frame, set with a single sapphire, surrounded by twelve diamonds, foliate shoulders with fourteen further diamonds, 14grms. £500-700 £1000
179 A lady's 14k rose gold cocktail watch, by Champ Watch Co., silvered dial, Swiss seventeen jewel movement, the frame with three diamond chips and two garnet-coloured stones, on a boot lace strap, with a safety chain. £250-350 £250
180 An Edwardian 18ct gold diamond and ruby ring, marquise set with three rubies and two diamonds, framed by open scrolls. £200-300  
181 A pair of 18ct hallmarked gold cufflinks by Cartier, London 1973, numbered P4731, radiating circular faces, 19grms, diameter 1.5cms.(¾"). £600-800 £650
182 A yellow and white metal diamond ring, the centre piquet stone approx. 2.5ct, open scroll cross-over setting, with twenty-two small graduating stones, stamped 9010. £5000-7000  
183 A white metal diamond set pendant, the principal stone approx. 3.3ct, the chain link with three further diamonds. £2500-3500 £6000
184 A yellow and white metal set diamond necklace, set with an ovoid pendant pearl, approx. 13ml, supported on a chain with three spaced diamonds, scrolled cluster with nineteen further stones, the chain with ten further spaced diamonds. £1500-2000 £2500
185 A pair of yellow metal cast cufflinks, pierced decoration, each face with a single pearl, 15grms. £500-700  
186 A white and yellow metal diamond encrusted pin, modelled with a kitten and a pearl, the kitten with sapphire coloured eyes and set with seventeen diamonds, 3.5cms, (1½"). £150-200 £190
187 An 18ct gold platinum and diamond set cross-over ring, with seven stones, marked 18c and PLAT. £250-350 £320
188 A pair of yellow metal diamond cluster and pearl stud earrings, the pearl surrounded by eight diamonds. £200-300 £300
189 A pair of Edwardian style white metal diamond and pearl pendant earrings, scrolled setting, with three pearl pendants, each set with eleven diamonds. £300-400 £600
190 A pair of white metal garnet and diamond cluster oval ear studs, the garnets surrounded by ten small diamonds. £300-400  
191 A gilt metal amethyst cabochon and pearl set pendant brooch, 17th century style, open cluster centred with a 10mm pearl, some of the amethysts replaced with flat facet cut amethysts and a single stone missing, the pendant piece with a single pearl and rosettes, together with a rose metal and garnet set crescent brooch and a lozenge shaped pendant, set with an amethyst coloured facetted stone, (3). £80-120 £75
192 An ivory bangle, an ivory and coral bead double-strand bracelet, a coral necklace with a rose metal clip, marked 9c and a collection of ivory beads, (a quantity). £80-120 £180
193 An 18ct gold and diamond cluster marquise set ring, the centre stone framed by twelve diamonds. £500-700  
194 A yellow and white metal diamond cluster arrow brooch, the principal stone approx. .7ct, with sixty-one further stones, 8.3cms, (3¼"). £2500-3500 £2000
195 A 14k half hunter pocket watch, white enamelled dial with subsidiary second dial, Swiss keyless lever movement, numbered (seemingly) 4353 under the plate, the internal cover engraved, "A SCOT FROM A.A. SCOTT, DEC. 1903", diameter 4.8cms, (2"), on 9c snake-link keeper chain, 17grms and with a yellow metal lion fob, indistinctly marked. £700-900 £780
196 A pair of yellow metal and diamond cluster flower head stud earrings, each set with seven stones. £250-300 £380
197 A single strand pear necklace, stone approximately 9ml to 7ml, 9ct hallmarked gold navette shaped clip, set with a single pear; £60-100 £55
198 An 18ct gold and three-stone diamond ring, the centre stone approx. .15ct. £150-200 £220
199 A two-strand pearl gold and diamond-set bracelet, 5ml stones joined by three bar links, each set with three small diamonds, the clip stamped 9585. £80-120 £160
200 An 18ct white gold and platinum diamond solitaire ring, the stone approx. .33ct., three small diamonds to each shoulder. £300-400  
201 A single strand pearl necklace, irregular stones approx. 10ml, yellow metal circular filigree clip, marked 14/20. £60-100  
202 A pair of yellow metal and diamond drop earrings, each set with a cluster of four stones, 2.4cm, (1"). £180-240  
203 An 18k gold diamond-link bracelet, set with fifty-nine closely matched stones, marked as 0622, in an Edward Tessier box. £1500-200 £2100
204 A pair of yellow metal and diamond cluster foliate-set earrings, each with thirteen diamonds, set as a demi-flower and a small floret. £300-400  
205 An 18ct hallmarked gold diamond solitaire ring, marked as .33ct. £300-400 £260
206 A single strand graduated pearl necklace, 18ml and smaller, a yellow metal diamond cluster clip, the centre stone approx. .5ct, surrounded by ten small stones. £400-600 £1500
207 A Victorian style yellow metal diamond and jade-set brooch, cabochon jade centre, surrounded by quatrefoil tracery, distributed with twelve diamonds. £150-250 £360
208 An 18ct white gold diamond encrusted bracelet, articulated links, floret outlines, set with numerous small stones, stamped 750 on the clip, 23grms in total. £350-400 £550
209 An 18ct white gold three-stone diamond ring, marked as .77cts, the centre stone flanked by two slightly smaller stones. £500-700 £460
210 A three-strand two-colour pearl choker, 18ct hallmarked white gold clip, foliate design with three small sapphires. £300-500  
211 A George I yellow metal mourning ring, oval flat bezel encasing gold thread initials, engraved round the bound with a skeleton motif and inscribed 'W. Moreton Obt. 28 Apr 1719 A.E.T. 28' and a Victorian 18ct hallmarked gold and black enamelled mourning ring, London 1846, signet design, marked 'IN MEMORY OF' other engraved and dated 1846, (2). £150-200 £1700
212 A Victorian silver-cased pocket watch, Birmingham 1884, white enamelled dial with subsidiary second dial, key-wind lever movement, signed - Farringdon D, Waltham, Mass. No. 2538356, diameter 5cms, (2"), in a brass mounted rosewood case, the triangular pediment piece sliding open, 15cms, (6") overall. £100-150 £160
213 A pair of 14k gold and single stone diamond stud earrings, each stone approx. 0.75ct, marked 14k. £400-600 £800
Objets d'Art
220 W. Hill-Thomson of Edinburgh A lady oval portrait miniature signed and dated 1946 in a gilt metal frame 8 x 7cms, (3¼" x (3") in a blue leather triptych folding case and two other portrait miniatures both in leather triptych cases, (3). £150-200 £230
221 Alfred Dunhill - A rare, possibly unique, silhouette pipe. Said to represent The Prince of Wales, impressed 'OD DUNHILL LONDON' registration No. 654638, 14cms, (5½"). Footnote: A pipe of very similar design with a silhouette of The Prince of Wales, later Edward VIII and The Duke of Windsor, dated 1933, formed part of the Alfred Dunhill Museum Collection. The pipe here offered differs in the design of the bowl block, the pipe is offered with copy correspondence from The Alfred Dunhill Museum dared May 1999. £800-1200 £800
222 A pair of marble and gilt metal mounted campana urns, in the French style, each with mask head and hoof scrolled handles, shaped square plinths, 41cms, (16"). £800-1200  
223 Cesare Fantacchiotti Bust portrait of Sara Spence signed titled and inscribed "Firenze" 1870 on an octagonal socle 65cms, (25½") overall Footnote: Sara Spence was the second wife of William Blundell Spence, (1814-1900). Spence came into a considerable inheritance which enabled him to purchase the Villa Medici in Flesole in 1860. Spence came to be known as one of the 'Lions of Florence'. Described as eccentric and unconventional Spence came to prominence as a Marchard amateur, negotiating important sales of Florentine Renaissance art and artifacts to the South Kensington Museum and the National Gallery. He was also influential in the development of the Museo Nazionale at the Bargello in Florence. See John Fleming "Art Dealing in the Risorgimento" Part III, The Burlington Magazine Vol. 121, No. 918 (Sept 1979) pp.568 to 580. ADD TO THIS £800-1200  
224 A pair of Chinese carved hardstone models of immortals, 23cms, (5"), two similar smaller figures, 10cms, (4"), a spill vase and a pair of shrines, (7). £200-300  
225 A Chinese bronze imperial figure, seated with arms crossed, marked with twelve characters to the reverse, 25cms, (10"). £300-500 £480
226 A French bronze and Celadon coloured porcelain lamp base, with fixed ring handles, the base with a beaded outline, the ovoid porcelain bowl pâte-sur-pâte style decoration of flowers and foliage, 36cms, (14"). £250-350  
227 A Japanese aikuchi tanto, 22.5cms, (9") blade with engraved decoration of a dragon chasing a flaming pearl, carved ivory and shibayama decorated hilt and sheaf, decorated with Wisteria, other flowers, a cockerel and objects, 34cms, (13¼") overall. £300-400 £2600
228 A Japanese gold lacquer and shibayama decorated kogo, Meiji Peirod, ovoid bowl, decorated with a roundel of a ship at sea, further decorated with monkeys, flowers, foliage, a jardiniere, basket and insects, moulded and splayed base, cylindrical collar enclosed by the dome, 11.5cms, (4½"). £300-400 £2200
229 A Japanese bronze tsuba, quadrefoil form, cast and gilt decorated with temple dogs, flowers and foliage, 7cms, (2¾") and two other quadrefoil shaped bronze tsubas, cast and gilt metal decoration, (3). £200-300 £1300
230 A Japanese carved ivory ball, two-character mark, probably Meiji, decorated with numerous figures and mythical animals, 5.5cms, (2¼"). £100-150 £340
231 A Tibetan silk Thanka, circular design, spanning the celestial and terrestrial realms, in a brocade surround, serving as a wall hanging, 106 x 67cms, (42" x 26½"). £150-200 £420
232 A German painted oak and iron bound alms box, bears date 1768, original lock plate and working key, ornamental iron straps, inscribed, "Gedenkt Armen" and dated 1768, painted to the sides with a fishmonger and arms, (lion rampant within a shield) and named Den, 20cms, (8"). £300-500 £500
233 A French Cuirassier trooper's sword, 94cms, (37") straight single edged, doubled fullered blade, engraved on back strap, "M Fture Imple du Klingenthal Octobre 1813", brass hilt, wire-bound leather grip, in a steel scabbard. £650-800  
234 After Salvador Dali Winged mask and hand contemporary bronze casting on black marble plinth, 34cms, (13½"). £50-80 £170
235 A pair of pink quartz carvings, modelled as recumbent Chinese temple lions, width 8cms, (3"), on bespoke hardwood stands. £100-150 £220
236 A Chinese Celadon green jade panel, designed with a dragon and a flaming pearl, 13cms, (5"), on a hardwood stand, in a fabric box. £200-300 £5800
237 English School, early 19th Century "Thomas Compton and his Wife Mary, nee Townsend" pair of portrait miniatures half length 10 x 8cms, (4" x 3"). £100-150 £220
238 A Victorian needlework alphabet sampler, by Elizabeth Pringle, Ayton, British School 1854, the alphabet over a text, "Wisdom is the principal thing....", with a narrow border, (faded), framed, 41 x 33cms, (16" x 13"). Footnote: Great Ayton British School was established in 1841, the principal benefactor being the Quaker banker Thomas Richardson, who retired to nearby Cleveland Lodge. Richardson also endowed the new school with shares in the Stockton & Darlington Railway, which yielded £100 per year. The school opened in 1843 with fifty boys and fifty girls, each having their own classroom and yard. Teaching was by the Lancastrian system of monitors, a method established by the Quakers. £70-100 £75
239 An Indian painted wooden model of a processional elephant, probably mid 19th Century, the elephant elaborately dressed and carrying a driver, platform base, with a later beaded collar, 40cms, (15½"). £200-300 £200
240 A walking cane flask, early 20th Century, electroplated mounts, screw fitting, concealing a 36cms, (14") flask, pommel also screw fitting to reveal a slender goblet, 21cms, (36"). £200-300 £200
241 A Japanese silver champlevé enamel, ivory and shibayama decorated bottle vase, the ivory band decorated with flowers and foliage, hard stones and with mother of pearl, (some losses and splits), the collar and foot with floral panels, with foliate enamel decoration, 20cms, (8"). £250-350 £850
242 A Japanese carved ivory group, two-character red seal mark, Meiji Period, modelled as a standing fisherman with a basket, fishing fork, accompanied by a child, with a further basket, 22cms, (8¾"). £350-400 £500
243 A Japanese carved ivory Okimono, single mark, Meiji Period, modelled as a fisherman, standing holding a basket, trident like fork, being attached by a crab, 18cms, (7"). £300-400 £460
244 A carved oyster shell plaque, probably Southern Italian, centred with the Last Supper and surrounded by the Stations of the Cross, 18 x 17cms, (7" x 6¾"). £60-100 £140
245 After the Antique Hercules and Deianeira with the dead Centaur Eurytion indistinctly inscribed white painted marble, probably 19th century substantial losses 81cms, (32") on a reconstituted stone plinth 150cms, (59") overall. £1200-1800  
246 A ivory and stained ivory Staunton pattern chess set, 7.5cms, (3") and smaller, in a fitted oak case. £200-300 £820
247 The Cammeyer Vibrante banjo, satin and yew wood case, mother of pearl engraved decoration, length 95cms, (37½"), in a leather case and another banjo, (damaged), in a cloth case, (2). £200-300 £190
248 A double bass, honey coloured, two-piece back, 112cms, (44"), unlabelled, in a soft case. £800-1200  
249 A flintlock pistol, 23cm, (9") barrel, various proof marks, full walnut stock, brass tipped steel mechanism, marked with a lion rampant device, brass butt with a steel ramrod, 38cms, (15") overall. £200-300 £360
250 A carved alabaster lamp base, designed as an eagle, brass stem, height overall 54cms, (21"). £150-200  
251 A carved green quartz model of a Chinese temple dog, square plinth, 18cms, (5"), on a hardwood stand. £150-200  
252 A Chinese pale green Celadon disc, pierced and carved with a running deer, 5cms, (2") and greyish Jadeite model with rats, 6cms, (2¼"), (2). £200-300  
253 A pair of Victorian bronzed garniture candelabra, each with three scrolled branches, centre urns, fluted shafts on goat's foot legs, Belge-noir marble plinths, 44cms, (17"). £200-300  
254 After Constantin Brancusi "Mademoiselle Pogany" bears inscription under the base and dated 1973 cast brass square wooden plinth 51cms, (20"). £800-1200 £720
255 Gill Sanders Family group gilt patinated family group signed and numbered 3/100 cuboid plinth 34cms, (13½") overall. £300-400  
256 A Chinese Cloisonne vase/stand, broad detachable collar, decorated with birds amongst flowering foliage,in a predominantly blue and red palette, lotus domed base, height 43cms, (17"), diameter 28cms, (11"). £250-350  
257 A South-East Asian gilt metal figure of Buddha seated, open plinth with elephant masks, 54cms, (22½"). £800-1200  
258 A pair of Art Deco lacquered and bronzed alter candlesticks, of hexagonal section, stylised motifs, 71cms, (28"). £300-500 £250
259 A Chinese painting, designed with three figures, bearing inscription and seal marks, mounted and framed, 108 x 62cms, (42½" x 24½") overall. £250-350  
260 A pair of WMF Ikora ovoid vases, decorated with stylised bamboo, on a duck-egg blue ground, (one damaged), 19cms, (7½"), a pair of similar ovoid vases, 14cms, (5½") and an Ikora style comport, with lobed circular bowl, conical base, decorated bands of stylised foliage, clear glass liner, diameter 24cms, (9½"), (5). £150-200 £140
261 A French alabaster gilt metal and champlevé enamel urn-shaped lamp base, with winged mask-head handles, the ovoid bowl with a broad enamelled band, further band to the step foot, 41cms, (16"). £250-350 £230
262 South-East Asian gilt metal figure of Buddha kneeling, on a square plinth, 23cms, (9"). £300-500  
263 A Chinese bronze group of a child on a toad, perhaps 19th century, 12cms, (4¾"). £200-300 £440
264 A Chinese bronze figure of a sage, probably 19th century, seated, 11cms, (4¼"). £200-300 £200
265 A Persian polychrome painted box, of oblong form, with a sliding lid, the lid with formal medallions, the sides with figurative scenes, bracket feet, width 47cms, (17"), depth 18cms, (7"). £400-600 £600
266 A Chinese silk embroidered picture of an immortal, holding a staff with a scroll, tended by a deer, framed, 110 x 89cms, (43½ x 35") overall. £250-350 £260
267 A McMurdo "Aquarium" table lighter, chrome fitments, marked McMurdo, 10cms, (4"). £500-700  
268 A Chinese Archaic style pear-shaped bronze vase, with cast bands, mask-head handles with loose rings, 27cms, (10½"). £200-300 £180
269 A carved ivory pommel, perhaps Dieppe circa 1900, modelled as a dog's head, 5cms, (2"), excluding metal fitment and an Edwardian carved ivory parasol handle, length 22cms, (8½"), (2). £50-80 £40
270 An ivory group of two children, probably Dieppe 19th Century, the children modelled in 18th Century dress, a boy with an open cage, with a small dog, 13cms, (5"), on a Chinese hardwood lotus stand, 18cms, (7") overall. £70-100 £420
271 A Tibetan carved bone prayer wheel, probably 20th Century, stylised decoration, turned handle, 22cms, (8½"). £100-150  
272 A Chinese Han style Celadon green arched pointed pendant, carved dragon head with scrolls, brownish colour, 11cms, (4¼"), a jade cylindrical finger ring, a "Pi" Celadron green disk with carved symbols, other jade, Jadeite and hardstone ornaments, (12). £300-500 £180
273 A pair of Chinese embroidered silk slippers, applied brocade outlines. £60-100  
274 A Chinese verre de gris patinated Archaic style four-sided vase, cast stylised decoration, with loose ring handles, serving as a lamp base, complete with an ivory coloured silk shade, wooden base, 71cms, (28") overall, and another A``rchaic style vase, serving as a lamp base, 53cms, (21") overall, (2). £200-300  
275 A Chinese "imperial" silk embroidered collar, formed of over-lapping bat-wing lapettes, decorated with peonies, chrysanthemums, other flowers and foliage, mounted and framed, 80 x 80cms, (31½" x 31½"). £200-300  
276 A Tibetan Thanka pen and ink and watercolour design central wheel spanning the celestial and terrestrial regions mounted and framed 73 x 54cms, (28½" x 21") overall. £150-200  
277 A Chinese Celadon coloured jade disc, decorated with mythical creatures, diameter 6.5cms, (2½") and a Jadeite carving of a coiled serpent, 5.5cms, (2¼"), (2). £100-150 £95
278 A wooden walking cane, horn handle with prick decoration, the white metal ferrule engraved 'Iohn Alft 1690', 83cms, (32½"). £100-150 £540
279 A Regency tortoiseshell tea caddy, casket form with stringing and banding, white metal plaque and escutcheon, of oblong form with canted corners, two section interior, ball feet, 15cms, (6"). £500-800 £480
280 A large dancing doll automaton, bisque head doll by Armand Marseille, number 390, the mechanism bearing label, "American Automaton Co, 704 Iranistan Avenue, Bridgeport, Conn." the doll figure pirouetting, velvet covered plinth, 47cms, (34") overall. £600-800  
285 Bordeaux: Lafite, Barons de Rothchild 2000, (box of 12 bottles). £250-300 £260
286 Pauillac-Medoc Chateau Grande Puy Lecost St Guirons 1995, (a case of 12 bottles). £200-300 £440
287 Bordeaux: Chateau Grande Mayne 1995, (box of 12 bottles). £200-300 £200
288 Medoc: Chateau Preuillac Cru Bourgeois 1995, (two part boxes 19 bottles). £400-500  
289 Bordeaux: Chateau de la Sabliere Fongrave Gironde 1990, (box of 12 bottles). £200-300 £200
290 Bordeaux: Chateau Tartas 1989, (2 bottles); together with four other bottles of Bordeaux, Chateau Les Paraudes 1990, Chateau de Barrail 1991, Domaine de Monrepos 1992, Chateau de Faise 1993, together Fronsac Chateau La Valade 1990, (7 bottles). £60-100 £130
291 Port: Taylor's Vintage 1963, (a case of 12 bottles). £150-200 £1300
292 Port: Taylor's Vintage 1963, (a case of 12 bottles). £150-200 £1200
293 Port: Dows Vintage 1980, (a case of 12 bottles). £120-180 £380
294 Port: Warre's Vintage 1980, (a case of 12 bottles). £150-200 £380
295 Wine: Fonseca Vintage 1975, (a case of 12 bottles). £100-150 £280
296 Port: Fonseca Vintage 1975, (a case of 12 bottles). £100-150 £340
297 Margaux: Chateau Cantenac Brown Grande Cru Classe 1972, (a case, probably 6 bottles). £80-120 £290
300 (Gaius Suetonius Traquillus "Twelve Caesars" Venice 1521, lacking frontis and titles, calf, defective. £100-150 £90
301 Rev. Peter Whalley, "The History and Antiquities of Northamptonshire, Compiled from the Manuscript Collections of the Late Learned and Antiquary John Bridges Esquire", in two vols, Oxford 1791, folio calf defective, some loose pages and tears. £150-200 £130
302 John Fenn, "Original Letters Written During the Reigns of Henry VI, Edward VI and Richard III by Various Persons of Rank and Consequence", second edition, in two vols, London 1787, hand-coloured frontispiece to both volumes, 4to. calf. £100-150  
303 John Throsby, "Select Views in Leicestershire", (1789), together with a supplementary volume, printed for the author by J. Nichols, London 1790, including Cary's folding maps and "The History and Antiquities of the Ancient Town of Leicester", Leicester 1791, the latter with hand-coloured illustrations, 4to, rebound green half calf, uniform (3). £200-300 £300
304 William Burton, "The Description of Leicester Shire. Containing Matters of Antiquitye, Historye, Armorye, and Geneology" printed for John White, (1622), engraved portrait frontis and folding county map by William Kip after Christopher Saxton, old calf, defective, torn pages, some loose. Footnote: According to a label with MS notes by Symon Archer, the Warwickshire antiquary. £150-200  
305 James Wright, "The History and Antiquities of the County of Rutland", printed for Bennet Griffin, London 1684, the main title in red and black, engraved folding map, folio, 19th century half calf. £150-200 £150
306 Peter Heylyn, "Cyprianus Anglicus: or The History of the Life and Death of the Most Reverend and Renowned Prelate William by Divine Providence, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.... Containing also the Ecclesiastical History of the Three Kingdoms", printed for A. Seile 1671, 4to, calf. Footnote: With the Earl of Gainsborough's book plates, notations on the front pastedown. £70-100  
307 Henry Boswell, "Historical Descriptions of New and Elegant Picturesque Views of the Antiquities of England and Wales, Being a Grand Copper Plate Repository of Elegant Taste and Entertainment", printed for Alex Hogg, circa 1780, lacking frontis, folio, Victorian cloth, (damaged). £100-150 £280
308 Herbert Cescinsky, "English Furniture of the 18th Century", three vols, circa 1900, 4to, half calf. £60-80 £90
309 Lionel Edwards, "A Leicestershire Sketchbook", illustrated by the author, London 1939, cloth, 4to. £40-60 £28
310 Charles Simpson, "Leicestershire and It's Hunts: The Quorn, The Cottesmore & The Belvoir", illustrated by the author, London 1926, tooled morocco 4to, together with Squire Osbaldeston: "His Autobiography" With a Commentary by E.D. Cuming and Introduction by Sir Theodore Cook, London 1926, uniform binding, (2). £100-150 £170
311 Charles Simpson, "Leicestershire and It's Hunts", Illustrated by the author, London 1926, 4to, cloth. £30-50 £30
312 (Charles James Apperley) "Nimrod", "Hunting Reminiscences", Illustrated by Wil Drake, Henderson & Alkan, London 1843, half calf. £40-60 £32
313 William C.A. Blew, "The Quorn Hunt and It's Masters", Illustrated by Henry Alken, London 1889, half calf. £50-80 £95
314 William C.A Blew, "The Quorn Hunt and It's Masters", Illustrated by Henry Alken, London 1889, tooled cloth. £40-60 £35
315 Field, The Fox Hunt and The Farm, a Victorian children's book, coloured plates by F. Grey, containing The Little Sportsman's Alphabet, The Farmyard Hunt and The Country Holiday, inscribed and dated 1885, original cloth, 4to. £40-60 £55
316 Richard Stukeley, "An Account of Richard of Cirencester, Monk of Westminster and his Works" with a folding map of Roman Britain, London 1757, calf. £300-500  
317 (R.S. Surtees), "Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour", illustrated by John Leach, together with "Ask Mama", "Plain or Ringlets", "Mr Romford's Hounds" and "Hawbucks Grange", six vols, uniform half calf. £150-200  
318 Lionel Edwards, "Huntsmen Past and Present", 1929, cloth, 4to and Lionel Edwards, "Sketches in Stable and Kennel", reprinted 1949, 4to cloth and Crascredo, "Horse Sense and Sensibility", illustrated by Lionel Edwards 1926, cloth, (3). £40-60  
319 (Charles James Apperley), "Nimrod", "Nimrod's Hunting Tours", London 1903, cloth, Cuthbert Bradley, "Good Sport, Seen with Some Famous Packs", 1885, 1910, n.d., cloth and other books of sporting interest, (10). £50-80 £85
320 Captain Pennell- Elmhirst, "The Cream of Leicestershire - Eleven Seasons's Skimmings", illustration by John Sturgess 1883, Lord Willoughby de Broke, "Hunting the Fox", 1921, Lionel Edwards, "Reminiscences of a Sporting Artist", 1947 and three other books of sporting interest, (6). £70-100  
321 Benjamin Latchford, "The Loriner: Opinions and Observations on Bridle-Bits and the Suitable Biting of Horses", 1871, half calf. £30-50 £70
322 William Ellis, "The Practical Farmer: Or the Hertfordshire Husbandman", third edition, London 1738, calf. £70-100 £110
324 Samuel Butler, "Butleriana", Nonsuch Press, Bloomsbury 1932, calf spine, (damaged), marbled boards, limited edition 577/800. £30-50 £22
325 John Cary, "Cary's New Map of England and Wales with Part of Scotland", London 1794, an album of hand-coloured maps, (some foxing and staining), 4to, calf, (defective). £300-500  
326 Vincent Haddelsey, "Winning Breed", editions D'Art Agori n.d., limited edition, 132/230, folio, in a slip case. £40-60 £55
327 Charles Dickens, "The Works", bound as eleven volumes, Chapman & Hall 1865, 66, half calf. £100-150 £95
Maps and Ephemera
328 John Speed "Leicester both Countye and Citie Describd" hand-coloured county map visible 38 x 51cms, (15 " x 20"). £200-300 £180
329 John Speed "Buckingham both Shyre and Shire-Towne Describe" hand-coloured county map 39 x 51cms, (15¼" x 20"). £200-300 £350
330 Christopher Saxton "Warwic: Lecestriae" hand-coloured county map 39 x 52cms, (15¼" x 20½") stained, torn, loose mounted and unframed. £80-120 £480
331 W. King, "A Map of a Tract of Country Surrounding Belvoir Castle Including Extensive Districts of the Counties Leicester, Lincoln and Nottingham and the Whole County of Rutland Accurately Laid Down from a Survey Taken in the Years 1804, 5 and 6 and Dated 1806", canvas backed folding sheet, hand-coloured, framed, 127 x 150cms, (50" x 59"), together with the original card slip case. £80-120 £130
332 Sir Richard Griffith, "A General Map of Ireland, To Accompany the Report of the Railway Commissioners, Shewing the Principal Physical Features and Geographical Structure of the Country, Constructed in 1836 and Engraved 1837-38", Sir John Richard Griffith, on six folding cloth-backed sheets, hand-coloured, in a leather slip case, tooled gilt decoration. £2000-30000 £1800
Prints & Engravings
335 After Harold Wyllie "Mary Rose Forty-eight Guns - Two Hundred and Twenty Men" signed hand-coloured acquatint visible 25 x 39cms, (10" x 15¼") and eight others from the same series, published by Arthur Ackermann & Son Ltd., "His Majesty's Ship Royal Sovereign", "His Majesty's Ship "London", "His Majesty's Ship "Implacable", "Battle of the Nile", "The Glorious 1st June", "Royal George", "Hundred Guns", "The Battle of St Vincent" and "Battle of Quiberon Bay", (9). £200-300 £180
336 After Lawrence Stephen Lowry "Going to the Match" signed proof colour print for the Medici Society visible 56 x 70cms, (22" x 27½"). £800-1200 £2600
337 After Lawrence Stephen Lowry "The Pond" signed proof colour print visible 45 x 57cms, (17½" x 22½"). £300-500 £1100
338 Francis Bacon "Triptych-August 1972" the central design only signed lithograph in colour No. 139/180 89.5 x 62cms, (35½" x 24½"). £1000-1500 £1800
339 Continental School 19th Century Three children gouache, oval 9 x 11.5cms, (3½" x 4½"). £60-100 £55
340 Henry Stannard Thatched cottage in the country signed watercolour 24 x 34cms (9½" x 13½"). £250-400  
341 Herman Ten Kate "The Amateur" signed and dated 44 watercolour 10 x 13cms, (4" x 5"). £200-300 £290
342 Harold Wyllie "Royal Sovereign, Portsmouth 1935" signed watercolour 25 x 37cms, (10" x 14½"). £100-150 £500
343 Follower of Hugh Douglas Hamilton Portrait of a youth, head and shoulders length oval pastel drawing 21 x 16cms, (8¼" x 6¼") and a companion pastel of a young lady, (2). £100-150 £180
344 James Michael Brown "Near the Sea Shore", a girl with a pack donkey amongst the dunes signed watercolour 41 x 56cms, (16" x 22"). £120-180 £150
345 James Hall Cranstoun Water Mill signed watercolour with body colour 36 x 51cms, (14" x 20"). £200-300 £180
346 James Hall Cranstoun "Corsie Hill, Kinnoull, Perth" signed (partly under the mount watercolour with body colour 26 x 36cms, (10" x 14"). £200-300 £180
347 Circle of Samuel Prout "Prague", a town square inscribed "Prague" pen and ink with watercolour 45 x 32cms, (18" x 12½"). £300-500  
348 Nathaniel Everett Green "Near Aberchalder" signed, inscribed and dated Sep. 96 watercolour, 13 x 28cms, (5" x 11"). £300-500  
349 Mary Beardsall Still Life of tulips and other flowers signed scraper board with colour over 45 x 36cms, (17½" x14"). £200-300  
350 Arthur Tucker "Knaresborough, Yorkshire" signed watercolour 17 x 26cms, (18" x 10"). £300-500  
351 Arthur Tucker A Westmorland cottage signed watercolour 17 x 26cms, (7" x 10"). £300-500  
352 G. Cattermole A hunting party, figures in Medieval dress by steps to a house watercolour 39 x 26cms, (15½" x 10"). £200-300  
353 David Cox "A Mill at Addington, Kent" signed and dated 1851 watercolour, 12 x 17cms, (4¾" x 6¾") and another watercolour, Kentish lane scene with figures, bears signature and date 1841, watercolour, 15 x 23cms, (6" x 9"), (2). £300-400  
354 Michael Lyne "Point to Pointing" - a pair both signed watercolour with body colour on buff paper 19 x 30cms, (7½" x 12"). £500-800  
355 Charles James Keats "London 1673" signed and inscribed watercolour 32 x 50cms, (12½" x 19½"). £180-240 £170
356 Charles James Keats Rheims and an old Dutch town - a pair both signed the former dated 1916 watercolour 51 x 31cms, (20" x 12"). £350-450  
357 Granville Seton "White Horse Close, Edinburgh" signed watercolour 34 x 24cms, (13½" x 9½"). £100-150  
358 Albert H. Findley "Cathedral and Guildhall, Leicester" signed watercolour 15 x 11cms, (6" x 4½") and two others, "Swithland Woods" and "Braunstone Church", (3). £120-180 £160
359 Charles James Keats "Rouen" and "Bacharech" a pair signed, titled and dated 1885 watercolours 51 x 32cms, (20" x 12½"). £300-400  
360 Bhagwan Kapoor Village scene in Sauriashtra signed in script mixed media 48 x 64cms, (19" x 25"). £300-500  
361 Ivan Lackovic Croatian village in Winter signed gouache 15 x 39cms, (6" x 15½"). £200-300 £125
362 Ivan Lackovic Peasant women before a village signed gouache 20 x 25cms, (8" x 10"), a moonlit village scene signed, gouache 25 x 20cms, (10" x 8") and five others by the same hand, all unframed. Footnote: Together with certificates, Zagreb 1979. £700-1000 £450
363 Hugh Collinson "The Lone Tree, South Crowson" signed acrylic 25 x 36cms, (10" x 14"). £120-180  
364 Cuthbert Rigby Autumn landscape with a lake signed watercolour 22 x 39cms, (8¾" x 15¼"). £100-150 £140
365 Archibald Thorburn "Snipe" signed and dated 1907 watercolour 28 x 19cms, (11" x 7½"). £3000-4000 £4600
366 A Guillaume "...les distractions sout dangereures en Scene..." signed en grisaille watercolour 25 x 18cms, (10" x 7"). £100-150 £95
367 Cecil John Thornton "Winter Tranquility", Leicestershire landscape signed watercolour 55 x 39cms, (21½" x 15"). £250-350 £300
368 Stanley Cursiter "John Knox's House, Edinburgh" monogrammed pen and ink visible 20 x 18cms, (8" x 7") Footnote: Being the original art work for Dear Auld Reekie, The Homeland Illustrated Number. First published 1925, sold with a copy of the magazine. £300-500  
369 Hugh Collinson "The Last Days of Ragdale Hall" signed gouache 25 x 35cms, (10" x 13½"). Exhibited: City of Nottingham Museum and Art Gallery, Local Artist Exhibition n.d. Footnote: Ragdale Old Hall, an architecturally significant Tudor house, demolished in 1958. £100-150 £90
Oil Paintings
370 Norwich School, 19th Century Figures in a landscape on relined canvas arched - 28 x 38cms (12" x 15"). £250-400  
371 John Henry Amschewitz Life study said to be "Sylvia" head and shoulders length signed oil on board and inscribed verso 34 x 25cms, (13½" x 10"). Footnote: Offered with a monograph on the artist - The Paintings of J.H. Amschewitz by Sarah Briana Amschewitz 1951. £200-300 £400
372 Follower of Francesco Guardi Church of San Giacomo di Rialto looking towards the bridge oil on canvas 50 x 60cms (19½") x (27½"). £400-600 £480
373 Brian Shields (Braaq) Manchester landscape signed oil on board 25 x 35cms, (10" x 14"). £700-1000 £4000
374 Moyra Barry Still life of anemones initialled oil on canvas 36 x 46cms, (14" x 18"). £200-300 £180
375 Moyra Barry Still life of polyanthus in a bowl signed oil on canvas 46 x 49cms, (18" x 19"). £200-300  
376 N. de H**** Field with hay sticks monogrammed and dated 59 oil on board 39 x 51cms, (15½" x 20"). £200-300  
377 M.P. Colohan Irish lake scene signed oil with fabric collage on board 27 x 51cms, (10½" x 20") and another similar, (2), unframed. £100-150 £110
378 William Conor Girl on a barrow signed oil on canvas 51 x 41cms, (20" x 16"), unframed. £1000-1500 £12000
379 Attributed to Cecil Galbally "Market Stalls" indistinctly signed oil sketch 21 x 15cms, (8" x 6") Footnote: Together with the original frame labelled Victor Waddington Galleries, Dublin. £400-600 £400
380 David Gauld Two calves by the water's edge signed oil on canvas 51 x 61cms, (20" x 24"). £2500-3500 £2500
381 Follower of George Armfield Terrier oil on canvas 20 x 25cms, (8" x 10"). £200-300  
382 Follower of George Armfield Spaniel oil on canvas 20 x 25cms, (8" x 10"). £200-300  
383 Follower of Oliver Clare Still life of fruit on a mossy bank oil on board 18 x 23csm, (7" x 9"). £200-300  
384 Carl Bertold Fjord scene signed oil on canvas 60 x 80cms, (23½" x 31½"). £500-700  
385 Angelo Zoffoli Lady and gentleman in 18th Century costume a pair both signed and inscribed 'Roma' oil on canvas 36 x 23cms, (14" x 9") swept gilt frames badly damaged. £200-300 £380
386 John O'Connor Girl in a blue dress signed oil on canvas 76 x 61cms, (30" x 20"). £200-300 £200
387 George Tuckwell "Lights and Water" monogrammed oil on board 51 x 61cms, (20" x 24"). £150-200 £600
388 Henry Liverseege "The Merry Monk" signed and dated 1827 oil on panel 29 x 26cms, (11½" x 10"). £300-500  
389 Eugene Baboulene "Banlieu Toulonnaise" signed, title verso and dated 1966 oil on canvas 33 x 46cms, (13" x 18"). £300-500 £600
390 Hugh Collinson "The Pickworth Arch, Leicestershire" signed oil on board 40 x 60cms, (16" x 23½"). £120-180 £130
391 Attributed to Arthur Gilbert "Country Lane" indistinctly signed oil on canvas 30 x 28cms, (12" x 11"). £200-300 £180
392 Heskel Joory "The Joker" signed oil on board 79 x 48cms, (28" x 19"). £100-150 £90
393 H Major Still Life of fruit in a moss lined basket signed and dated 1892 oil on board 20 x 25cms, (8" x 10"). £300-400  
394 Mary Kent Harrison Still Life with faience teapot, lilies and book signed and dated 54 oil on canvas 41 x 51cms, (16¼" x 20"). £100-150 £260
400 A French style gilt metal and onyx table clock, circa 1900, with a cast urn finial, cast foliate and volute scrolled uprights, plinth base, white enamelled dial with visible escapement, the movement by Ansonia, New York, striking on a gong, 41cms, (16"). £150-200 £240
401 A French brass carriage clock, late 19th century, corniche case, ivorine dial, pierced gilt metal slip, platform escapement, 13cms, (5"), in a morocco carrying case. £250-400 £230
402 An Edwardian mahogany musical longcase clock, silvered dial, signed - Stevenson & Sons, Manchester, with engraved fretted gilt foliate fascia, subsidiary second dial and chime dials to the lunette, three chain movement, striking Whittington, Westminster and St Michael's chimes on eight gongs, the case with pagoda hood, gadrooning, volute scrolls and blind fretwork, glazed door flanked by Corinthian quadrants, resting in blind fretwork piers, panelled base section with applied moulding, ball and claw feet, 246cms, (97"), £3000-5000 £3100
403 An oak longcase clock, 18th century, square brass dial signed, "Oldham, Southam", with cast scrolled spandrels, thirty-hour movement, striking on a bell, oak case, plain deep frieze, shaped narrow door, panelled base, height 193cms, (76"). £400-600 £360
404 A French brass cased corniche repeating carriage clock, late 19th Century, white enamelled dial with subsidiary alarm dial, platform escapement, hour striking on a bell, number 30366, 15cms, (6"). £300-400 £550
405 A brass cased revolving aneroid barometer thermometer, domed glass panels, silvered plates, 12.5cms, (5"). £200-300 £180
406 A George III oak longcase clock, square brass dial, signed John Spence, Mt Harborough, cast mask head and scrolled spandrels, thirty-hour movement, striking on a bell, the case with casket hood, long door, adapted stepped plinth base, 206cms, (81"). £800-1200  
407 A French ebonised and gilt metal portico clock, signed 'Sharrier', second half of the 19th century, refurbished, the canopy supported on four solomonic, plinth base, decorated with gilt beads and appliqués, enamelled dial, French cylinder movement by Japy Freres et Cie, striking on a bell, 49cms, (19½"), under a glass dome with an ebonised plinth, 66cms, (26") overall. £300-400 £300
408 A French inlaid rosewood mantel clock, mid 19th century, circular brass dial signed - Balleny, Paris, French cylinder movement, striking on a gong, the upright oblong case with inlaid decoration of scrolls and foliage within stringing, plinth base, 41cms, (16"). £300-400  
409 A Louis XVI style gilt metal and Sevres style porcelain mantel clock, French mid 19th Century, with an urn finial, the case with panels, decorated with musical trophies, flowers and pendants, on a bleu celeste ground, the dial centred with cherubs, signed 'Russell, Malvern', cylinder movement, striking on a bell, 46cms, (18"), on a mahogany plinth, under a glass dome, 61cms, (24") overall. £200-300 £600
410 A French bronze and parcel gilt figural clock and barometer set, late 19th century, drum case mechanisms, silvered dials, the barometer signed - Mayler, upheld by kneeling Nubian figures supporting scrolled brackets, marble platforms, (one repaired), raised on lion paw feet, 26cms, (10"), (2) £200-300 £420
411 A Louis XVI style gilt metal and Sevres style porcelain mantel clock, French late 19th century, campana urn finial, (damaged), the dial fascia painted with figures in the manner of Fraganard, on a bleu celeste ground, the case with volute scrolls, ribbon cresting and oak-leaf pendants, raised on lion paw feet, French cylinder movement, signed - S. Marti, striking on a bell, on a shaped gilt wood plinth, 43cms, (17") overall. £100-150 £150
412 A Victorian inlaid mahogany longcase clock, arched brass dial, signed Wm Gordon, Edinburgh, subsidiary second dial and date aperture, silvered chapter rings, cast brass spandrels, signed to the lunette, eight-day movement, striking on a bell, the case with broken swan-neck pediment, triple finials, parquetry stringing and banding, with shell marquetry oval to the arched door, height 114cms,(84") £800-1200 £700
413 A Scottish Regency mahogany longcase clock, circular brass dial, signed - Robert Bryson, Edinburgh, plain dial with subsidiary second and date dials, eight-day movement, striking on a bell, the case with a round hood, over a pier section, short door with Doric columns, plinth base, height 201cms, (79"). £1500-2000  
414 A Louis XVI style gilt metal and Sevres style porcelain mantel clock, French second half of the 19th Century, the case surmounted by a cherub drawing a bow, porcelain panels with cherubs and flowers on a rose pompadour ground, French cylinder movement by Jappy Freres & Cie, striking on a bell, 34cms, (13½"). £80-120 £170
415 A presentation stained walnut aneroid barometer, silvered dial, circular moulded frame, labelled, "PRESENTED TO W.O's & SGTs. MESS THE LEICESTERSHIRE REGT. BY THE MEMBERS OF No 8 A.T.S.TC. 3 DEC.1946", diameter 23cms, (9"). £30-40 £80
416 A French brass cased repeating carriage clock, second half of the 19th century, engraved brass case, white enamelled dial, gilt slip, replaced platform escapement, striking on the hour, on a gong, 15cms, (6"). £500-700 £500
417 A French gilt metal and Belge Noir matched three-piece clock garniture, the clock with a shallow campana top, over a plinth section, cast foliate and scrolled appliqués, white enamelled dial, indistinctly signed - Champion...., French cylinder movement by Jappy Freres, striking on a bell, 47cms, (18½"), together with a pair of ornamental urns, with shallow campana bowls, 25cms, (10"). £600-800 £550
420 Specimen marble oblong shaped box, probably 19th Century, wooden carcass cover with a formal arrangement of marble veneers, identified and labelled as Jasper, Indian Green, Brocatello, White Carrara, Black Derbyshire and Brownish Red, (damaged), width 36cms, (14") £300-500 £260
421 A Japanese Shibayama and hardwood cabinet, Meiji period with gold lacquered panels, inlaid with ivory and coloured stones, depicting river landscapes, figures, flower baskets, birds and other motifs, with a configuration of drawers, cupboards, sliding doors and open shelves, carved galleries, pendant pieces, scrolled base section, (some damage), width 84cms, (33"), height 142cms, (56"). £1500-2000 £1700
422 A George III mahogany pedestal table, circular tilt top, birdcage under section, spiral twist and ring column, on tripod legs, diameter 71cms, (28"), height 59cms, (27"). £700-900  
423 A cast and wrought iron club fender, scrolled tracery with fleur de lys, cream coloured leather corner sections, width 145cms, (57"), depth 51cms, (20"). £300-400 £280
424 A mahogany easy chair, early 19th Century, upholstered in natural cotton, turned and ringed legs, brass toes and castors, width 69cms, (27"), height 118cms, (46½"). £400-600 £250
425 A Victorian ebonised wing-back easy chair, upholstered in buttoned natural cotton, turned and ringed legs with castors, width 71cms, (28"), height 89cms, (35"). £300-400 £420
426 A Victorian ebonised easy chair, with open arms,upholstered in buttoned natural cotton, squat ringed and fluted legs with castors, width 75cms, (29½"), height 76cms, (30"). £300-400 £400
427 An Italian walnut and marquetry pedestal table, basically early 19th Century, circular top, the central design of George and the Dragon within parquetry banding and stringing, ringed column, tripod legs, diameter 70cms, (27½"). £400-600  
428 An Edwardian oak bookcase, with leaded multi-pane glazed panelled doors, enclosing adjustable shelves, Art Nouveau gilt metal strap hinges, width 87cms, (34"), depth 30cms, (12"), height 137cms, (54"). £250-350 £300
429 A Florentine style carved gilt wood pier glass, rectangular bevelled plate, beaded surround, scrolling stiff acanthus, 76 x 56cms, (30" x 22"). £200-300 £200
430 A joined oak chest of drawers, probably 17th Century, the drawers with applied geometric mouldings, split carcass, width 99cms, (39"), depth 59cms, (23"), height 98cms, (37"). £1000-1500  
431 A Victorian mahogany console table, rectangular top with an ogee moulded outline, plain frieze, on 'S' volutes, with acanthus knees, resting on plinths, length 141cms, (55½"), depth 58cms, (23"), height 89cms, (35"). £500-700  
432 An Adam Revival oak library table, bears stamp - Strahan & Co, Dublin, rectangular with a rexine inset, beaded outlines, fitted with two frieze drawers, each with applied swags, square tapering stained wood legs, 103cms, (40½"), depth 71cms, (28"). £400-600  
433 A Victorian inlaid burr walnut credenza, the frieze with foliate tendrils, banding and stringing, centre mirror panelled door, flanked by engaged fluted columns with gilt metal Corinthian capitals, glazed cylinder front open cupboards, turned legs, width 153cms, (60"), depth 41cms, (16"), height 106cms, (41½"). £1500-1800  
434 A Mannerist style carved walnut cabinet, Italian 19th century, inverted breakfront form with mermaid terms, the flat front panel decorated with musical and dancing cherubs, with mask heads, grotesques and arabesques, drawer under (defective), the under-section with panelled doors with female figures, emblematic of Summer and Autumn, flanked by leopard masks and fruit pendants, width 99cms, (39"), depth 43cms, (17"), height 200cms, (78"). £800-1200 £1300
435 A William IV mahogany extending dining table, pull-out action, rounded corners with a reeded edge, fitted with three additional leaves and a half leaf, on eight ringed and fluted legs, brass toes and castors, 164 x 145cms, (65" x 57"). £3000-5000 £4900
436 A George III style mahogany bow front sideboard, 19th century, of small proportions, with crossbanding and ebony stringing, fitted with three drawers and a cupboard with a double drawer dummy fascia, with a slightly recessed and arched door, square tapering legs, spade feet, width 122cms, (48"), depth 53cms, (21"), height 89cms, (35"). £250-300 £250
437 A Regency mahogany chiffonier, possibly Scottish, shaped volute scroll cresting, with an open shelf support by ringed columns, fitted with two frieze drawers, flanked by carved panels, two panelled doors with applied mouldings and crossbanding, fluted corbel pilasters, bun feet, width 110cms, (43¼"), depth 48cms, (19"), height 132cms, (52"). £350-500  
438 A William IV rosewood Canterbury, three open divisions with scrolls, spindles, fitted with a single drawer to the platform, turned legs, width 53cms, (21"), depth 36cms, (14"), height 40cms, (16"). £250-350 £200
439 A Victorian burr walnut and amboyna banded card table, rectangular fold-over top with mirrored veneers, banding and stringing, baize-lined interior, banded and strung frieze, on paired ringed and fluted legs with applied bead collars, conforming stretcher rail, splayed legs, width 107cms, (42"), depth 53cms, (21"). £500-700 £450
440 A joined oak bookcase cabinet, 19th century, moulded cornice, triangular pendants to the frieze, with two multi-pane Gothic arched doors to the upper section, two frieze drawers, two panelled doors under, shaped apron, bracket feet, width 122cms, (48"), depth 48cms, (19"), height 196cms, (78"). £800-1200 £800
441 A suite of Globe Wernicke light oak library furniture, comprising a bureau, fall front enclosing a part fitted interior, single shaped drawer below with single bookcase section fitted under, with a flap front, on a shaped plinth, labelled, 'The Globe-Wernicke Co. Ltd, Office and Library Furnishers, London', width 86cms, (34"), depth 49cms, (19"), height 112cms, (44"), together with two four-section bookcases, with flap fronts, width 87cms, (34"), height 147cms, (58"). £1200-1800 £1500
442 A set of thirteen Chippendale style mahogany dining chairs, shaped crestings, pierced vase splats, upholstered in salmon pink or ivory coloured cotton brocade, square moulded legs, comprising six elbow chairs, width 64cms, (25") and seven side chairs, height 99cms, (39"). £1800-2200  
443 A mahogany twin pedestal dining table, in part 19th century, rectangular top, carved rosette outline, pedestal each with four columns, resting on serpentine platforms, splayed and reeded legs, brass toes and castors, length 228cms, (90"), width 120cms, (47"). £600-800  
444 A Regency mahogany sideboard, with a three-quarter gallery, fitted with two frieze drawers over two doors, blind panels, brass lion mask loose ring handles, spiral twist spindle appliques, turned and ringed legs, length 142cms, (56"), depth 49cms, (19"), height 99cms, (39"). £500-700  
445 A William IV mahogany day bed, adapted as a sofa, upholstered in pattern velour with loose cushions, scroll and demi-rosette fascias, leafy knees, fluted and cabochon legs, length 136cms, (93"), depth 95cms, (37"). £1500-2000  
446 A French satin wood inlaid and gilt metal mounted vitrine, the top with a three-quarter gallery, bow fronted with banding and stringing, parquetry lozenge frieze, glazed door enclosing velvet-lined shelves, plinth base, width 80cms, (31"), depth 37cms, (14½"), height 109cms, (43"). £400-600 £900
447 An "apprentice piece" linen press, circa 1840, moulded cornice, two panelled doors to the upper section, enclosing three slides, three drawers under, plinth base, width 39cms, (15¼"), height 61cms, (24"). £300-500 £280
448 An oyster veneered cushioned framed rectangular wall mirror, circa 1700, later plate, deep moulded frame, 54 x 49cms, (21" x 19"). £400-600 £820
449 A George IV mahogany bookcase secretaire, cavetto moulded cornice, blind frieze, two astragal glazed panelled doors to the upper section with arched tracery, deep secretaire drawer, fitted with a cupboard, pigeonholes and small drawers, over two panelled doors, ogee bracket feet, width 107cms, (42"), depth 54cms, (21"), height 221cms, (86"). £500-700  
450 A George IV mahogany chest of drawers, with canted corners, fitted with three small frieze drawers, each with boxwood stringing, over two short and three long drawers, brass bail handles, canted corners with parquetry inlay, ogee bracket feet, width 122cms, (48"), depth 54cms, (21"), height 113cms, (45½"). £200-300  
451 A George III oak bureau, the fall front with narrow banding, fitted interior, baize writing surface, cupboard, drawers and pigeonholes, two short and three long drawers below, bun handles, bracket feet, width 95cms, (37½"), depth 49cms, (19"), height 106cms, (41½"). £200-300 £180
452 A set of eight Regency pattern rosewood salon chairs, 19th Century, spiral twist rails, the splats centred by tablets inlaid with brass anthemions, brass banded under-rail, cane seats, on sabre legs, height 82cms, (32"). £1200-1800  
453 A harlequin set of eight Hepplewhite style mahogany dining chairs, all with shield backs and wheat sheaves, pierced vase splats, upholstered in patterned cotton brocade, moulded and fluted legs, height 94cms, (37"). £800-1200  
454 A joined oak coffer, basically late 17th century, single plank top with a moulded edge, front fascia with carved scroll motifs, filled channels, stile ends, width 132cms, (52"), depth 50cms, (20"), height 71cms, (28"). £250-300 £260
455 A joined oak tridarn, basically late 17th century, cavetto moulded canopy cornice, turned and ringed uprights with vertical rail ends, the mid section with panelled doors, flanking a fielded panel, carved with a lozenge motif, two further panelled doors below, low stiles, length 127cms, (50"), depth 57cms, (22½"), height 183cms, (72"). £2000-3000  
456 A brass club fender, 20th Century, upholstered corner sections, in close-studded and buttoned olive green leather, fluted and plain vertical rails, length 244cms, (96"), depth 46cms, (18"). £500-700  
457 Two Ottoman style carved wood and inlaid elbow chairs, pointed arched crestings, with inlaid star motifs over a cufic band, open arched backs with bead panelling with a surround, needle point seats marked 'K.L. Lester 1962', width 51cms, (20"), height 112cms, (44") £400-600  
458 A joined oak coffer, bears date 1718, three plank hinged lid, the frieze with scrolls and foliage, marked 'I.B. 1718', over four fielded panels, two drawers under, channelled stiles, (reduced), width 135cms, (63"), depth 51cms, (20"),height 78cms, (30½"). £300-500 £250
459 A Regency simulated rosewood scroll end sofa, the back with a gadrooned rail, volute scrolls and brass inlay, upholstered in red dralon, ringed and fluted legs with twin bolster cushions, length 192cms, (78"). £300-400 £240
460 A George III mahogany cylinder front hanging corner cupboard, moulded cornice, two doors enclosing three shelves, width 69cms, (27"), height 105cms, (41"). £250-400  
461 A William IV style gilt wood oval wall mirror, beveled glass, ribbon twist surround, open scrolled outline, 102 x 66cms, (40" x 26"). £300-400  
462 A Hepplewhite style mahogany bow front chest of drawers, early 19th Century, reeded outlines, fluted engaged columns, fitted with two short and three long drawers, brass loose ring oval plaque handles, bobbin turned legs, width 110cms, (43"), depth 50cms, (19½"), height 101cms, (40"). £250-350 £450
463 An Edwardian mahogany cheval mirror, rectangular beveled plate with canted top corners, tapering uprights with brass urn finials, Key pattern frieze, reeded and splayed legs, width 69cms, (27"), height 168cms, (66"). £200-300 £170
464 A Victorian walnut easy chair, upholstered in buttoned fawn dralon, moulded hoop with a carved foliate cresting, scrolled arms, on French cabriole legs with carved knees, width 61cms, (24"). £200-300 £280
465 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany triple wardrobe, with satinwood banding and stringing, the centre bow section with birch-lined interior, three drawers below, flanked by hanging robes with secondary mirror doors, bracket feet, length 210cms, (83"), height 203cms, (80"). £300-500 £600
466 George II walnut chest of drawers, (adapted), re-veneered top, fitted with three short drawers over three long drawers, with herringbone stringing and banding, reeded canted corners, bracket feet, width 102cms, (40"), depth 53cms, (21"), height 98cms, (38½"). £400-600  
467 A Regency mahogany bowfront chest of drawers of small proportions, fitted with three long drawers, brass lion mask loose ring handles, reeded outlines, spiral fluted legs, width 89cms, (35"), depth 42cms, (16½"), height 81cms, (32"). £250-400 £380
468 George III mahogany press cupboard, moulded cornice, dentil frieze, two cartouche shaped fielded panel doors to the upper section, enclosing replaced slides, over two short and two long drawers, with brass butterfly bail handles, bracket feet, width 122cms, (48"), depth 61cms, (24"), height 188cms, (74"). £300-500 £380
469 A George II style walnut chest on stand, (adapted), ogee moulded cornice, bowfront shallow drawer to the frieze, fitted with two short and three long drawers to the upper section, three further drawers below, each with engraved brass butterfly bail handles, shaped apron piece, on cabriole legs, width 99cms, (39"), depth 55cms, (21½"), height 154cms, (60½"). £2000-3000  
470 A George III mahogany bookcase, dentil cornice, cavetto frieze, two glazed doors to the upper section, with lozenge-shaped bars, enclosing three adjustable shelves, fielded panelled doors under, heavy bail carrying handles, ogee bracket feet, width 127cms, (46"), depth 39cms, (15½"), height 120cms, (47½") £300-500 £300
471 A George IV mahogany sideboard, rectangular top, fitted with three drawers, recessed panels and brass loose-ring circular plaque handles, tapering legs, spade feet, width 130cms, (51"), depth 62cms, (24½"), height 89cms, (35"). £300-500  
472 A Victorian mahogany extending dining table, 'D' shaped ends, moulded outline, wind-out action with three leaves, plain deep frieze, ringed and fluted legs, 105 x 130cms, (41½" x 51"). £1500-2000 £1450
473 An Edwardian inlaid mahogany demi-lune display cabinet, projecting cornice, the frieze with diaper stringing, multi-pane glazed door, flanked by glazed panels, cotton brocade lined interior, the base section with central drawer, flanked by cupboards, each with narrow parquetry banding, open arch, shelf under, width 102cms, (40"), depth 52cms, (20½"), height 190cms, (75"). £500-1000 £850
474 An Edwardian mahogany bowfront chest of drawers with boxwood outlines, plain frieze, fitted with four graduating long drawers, lacquered brass bail handles, bracket feet, width 113cms, (44"), depth 60cms, (23½"), height 107cms, (42"). £250-300 £230
475 A Victorian mahogany secretaire, rectangular top, flap front frieze drawer, enclosing a fitted interior, with a cupboard, drawers and pigeonholes, two further drawers below, brass bun handles, bracket feet, width 81cms, (32"), depth 48cms, (19"), height 90cms, (35½"). £300-500  
476 A Chinese stained wood wedding chest, with gold, red and black lacquered panels, including figurative scenes, with a flap front, brass angles, superstructure surmounted by kelims, the interior with three slides, plinth base, width 99cms, (39"), depth (including plinth) 79cms, (31"), height 113cms, (44"). £400-600  
477 A South-East Asian teakwood elephant seat, with a three-quarter gallery, a carved panel of an elephant, open under-section, width 160cms, (63"), depth 75cms, (29½"). £200-300 £200
478 A Chinese carved and stained wood window panel, incorporating two folding doors, each with figurative panels, surrounded by eight fretted panels, 138 x 108cms, (54" x 42½"). £200-300  
479 A joined oak coffer, basically late 17th Century, three-panelled lid, the front fascia initialled 'M.B.' and bears date 1617, with meandering scrolling foliage, the panels with tulips and stiff foliage, channelled stiles, width 110cms, (43"), depth 57cms, (22"), height 71cms, (28"). £150-200 £300
480 A joined oak coffer, 17th Century and later, planked lid with heavy wrought iron hinges, the frieze carved with scrolling foliage over four panels, reduced stiles, width 130cms, (51"), depth 57cms, (22½"), height 72cms, (28"). £150-200 £280
481 An Art Deco figured walnut and white leather two-piece "Cloud" lounge suite, shaped hooped frame, close studded upholstery, comprising three-seater settee, 170cms, (67") and an easy chair, width 75cms, (29½"). £1750-2500 £1800
482 A Chinese carved wood and lacquered throne chair, the back panel designed with a dragon, scrolls and billowing clouds, dragon head handles, solid seat, carved apron, shaped legs, width 64cms, (25½"). £200-300 £180
483 The Logan Chair: A Victorian oak club chair, with a brown leather close studded and buttoned hoop, saddle seat, turned and ringed legs, labelled, "PRESENTED TO THE OFFICERS DEPOT, LEICESTERSHIRE REGt. BY 2nd LIEUT.H.S.LOGAN.2nd BAT 1890", width 64cms, (25"). Footnote: This chair was presented for the officers of the Depot of the Leicestershire Regiment in 1890 by Second Lieutenant H.S. Logan of the Second Battalion. In 1908, as a Captain, (Acting Major), he was commanding a company of the 13th Sudanese Infantry of the Egyptian army. His company accompanied the Governor of the Province who was investigating two murders by the False Mahdi, Abd-el-Kader. Whilst awaiting reinforcement from Khartoum, their camp was attached, Major Logan was among those wounded and later died of his wounds. £100-150 £250
484 A George I style walnut chest on stand, basically 18th Century, replaced moulded cornice, fitted with two short and three long drawers, with broad banding, pierced brass butterfly bail handles and escutcheons, the stand with a shaped apron, cabriole legs, pad feet, width 100cms, (39"), depth 54cms, (21"), height 150cms, (59"). £800-1200 £750
485 A Victorian burr walnut and ebonised card table, fold-over top with rounded ends, brass bead outline, enclosing a baize lined interior, the frieze with jasperware plaque inset to the tablet, on four parcel gilt, fluted columns, 'X' frame under-section, scrolled legs, width 93cms, (36½"), depth 47cms, (18"). £200-300 £240
486 A Victorian oak pedestal work table, with rectangular leaves, fitted with a well fitted frieze drawer, with a velvet covered compartment, over and upholstered work bag, incurved platform, scrolled feet, width closed - 49cms, (19"), depth 45cms, (18"). £250-350  
487 A Victorian burr walnut and marquetry pedestal table, lobed circular top, with quartered veneers and a foliate inlaid centre, on three fluted and ringed columns, scrolled and splayed legs, diameter 90cms, (35½"). £200-300 £650
488 A Victorian mahogany toilet mirror, circular plate, open scrolled frame, fluted domed conical base, width overall 47cms, (18½"), height 56cms, (22"). £100-150  
489 A joined oak coffer, basically late 17th Century, boarded lid, channelled frieze and uprights, three-panel front, stile ends, width 128cms, (50½"), depth 53cms, (21"), height 74cms, (29"). £200-300 £200
490 An elm fruitwood and beech grain bin, Eastern Counties 19th Century, of boarded construction, turned legs and rails, width 69cms, (27"), depth 35cms, (14"), height 69cms, (24"). £100-150 £300
491 A Regency style painted wrought iron garden bench, reeded frame, pad feet, width 110cms, (43"). £200-300 £500
492 A joined oak gateleg table, basically 17th Century, oval top, fitted with a single end drawer, bobbin turned legs,plain moulded stretchers, 119 x 150cms, (47" x 59"). Footnote: With a purchase invoice from John Beazor, Antique Dealer, Cambridge, June the 4th 1946, (£38). £1200-1800  
493 A Victorian burr walnut and marquetry card table, stamped James Winter & Son, 101 Wardour Street, Soho, London, serpentine outlines to the fold-over top with kingwood banding, stringing and ornamental scroll work, baize lined interior, shaped apron piece, gilt metal knees and sabots, width 93cms, (36½"), depth 53cms,(21"). Footnote: The firm of James Winter were furniture brokers who traded from 1823-70 £700-1000 £650
494 A George III mahogany pedestal table, circular tilt top with a moulded rim, ringed baluster column, tripod legs, diameter 52cms, (20½"). £300-400 £270
495 A Victorian mahogany metamorphic writing table, or architect's table, the hinged rectangular top with a tooled leather inset, supported on a ratchet, adjustable under section, standard ends, width 84cms, (33"), depth 51cms, (20"). £700-1000  
496 A pair of cast iron Britannia pub tables, figural tripod bases, copper covered tops, diameter 76cms, (30"). £400-600 £380
497 A nest of Vernis Martin and gilt wood quartetto tables, the top tier painted with a scene with a young shepherd and shepherdess, the smaller tables with landscape scenes, turned and ringed spindles, standard ends, width 55cms, (21½")and smaller. £500-700  
498 An Art Deco ebony and figured walnut servery table, with an ebonised rail, fitted with three frieze drawers, on fluted cabriole legs, width 124cms, (49"), depth 52cms, (20½") £700-1000 £700
499 An Empire style walnut commode, French first half of the 19th Century, with a black marble top, projecting frieze drawer, with three recessed long drawers, flanked by Doric columns, with gilt capitals, plinth base, width 122cms, (48"), depth 64cms, (25"). £400-600 £460
500 A pair of oak turner's chairs, probably late 19th Century, chipped carved royal cresting, bobbin moulded rails, triangular seats, width 65cms, (25½"). £400-600  
501 An Ottoman carved ebony stand, foliate decoration, with end shelves and an open niche, width 69cms, (27"), depth 40cms, (15½"). £300-500 £300
502 An ebonised and boule work Vitrine, mid 19th Century, premier parte decoration of scrolling foliage and anthemions, ornamental gilt metal corbels, glazed door enclosing a velvet-lined shelf, bracket feet, width 81cms, (32"), depth 32cms, (13"), height 104cms, (41"). £400-600 £450
503 A late Regency rosewood side cabinet, rectangular top with moulded outlines, narrow frieze, two panelled doors enclosing two shelves, bun feet, width 110cms, (43"), depth 43cms, (17"), height 99cms, (39"). £400-600  
504 A George III style mahogany chest of drawers, 19th Century, rectangular top with moulded edge, fitted with four graduating long drawers, rococo pattern gilt metal bail handles, bracket feet, width 76cms, (30"), depth 48cms, (19"), height 87cms, (34"). £700-1000  
505 A Hamadan carpet, central medallion, on a floral pattern red field, ivory coloured spandrels, Tabris border within guards, 380 x 280cms. £200-300 £340
506 A Chinese carved hard wood bench, Ming style, the back and arms decorated with dragons and scroll motifs, plain moulded apron piece, on massive cabriole legs, width 198cms, (79"), depth 81cms, (32"), height 69cms, (27"). £1000-1500  
507 A Victorian walnut extending dining table in the manner of Lamb of Manchester, rectangular top with canted corners, wind-out action with five leaves, 403 x 152cms, (158½" x 60"), the leaves housed in a buffet "sideboard", with open shelves, panelled front with a carved and rosette decoration, length 163cms, (64"), depth 51cms, (20"), height 117cms, (46"). £1000-1500 £1200
508 A Victorian mahogany framed bombe shaped ottoman, the hinged seat with floral patterned gros point upholstery, width 117cms, (46"), depth 61cms, (24"), height 51cms, (20"). £400-600 £400
509 A Victorian chinoiserie style black lacquered tray, rectangular form with rounded corners, mother of pearl inlay decoration of birds amongst flowering foliage, 91 x 67cms, (36" x 26") and another similar, 84 x 61cms, (33" x 24"), (2). £400-600  
510 A pair of Arts & Crafts style ebonised elbow chairs, shaped crestings, spindle backs, natural cotton upholstered drop-in seats, on splayed legs with turned rails, 51cms, (20"). £300-500  
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