How to buy at Gildings auctions

Planning ahead

Sale date and time

The sales will commence at the time advertised. The last opportunity to view lots in person will be 15 minutes prior to the sale time. To ensure you have plenty of time please try to make use of the viewing days before the sale date.

Entry to the saleroom is possible all day. You can register to bid at the reception when you arrive. Early entry is advisable to avoid missing your lots.

If you can’t make it to the saleroom please note that bidding will also be available live online. Details on how to register for live bidding will be advertised with the sale. Absentee and telephone bidding is also available.

Venue address

Gildings salerooms and head office are based at:
The Mill, Great Bowden Rd, Market Harborough LE16 7DE

The salerooms have parking facilities or the ability to park nearby.

If a sale or viewing is held elsewhere then the location will be advertised in advance.



Viewing dates & times

Viewing days prior to the auction are an opportunity to examine lots in detail.

The saleroom will be open for you to drop in to view items in which you are interested. Gildings porters and staff will be available to answer questions you may have.

Viewing times are advertised along with each auction. For example; Tuesday sales viewings are held the Saturday before the sale (9am-12noon), Monday (9am-4pm), and for a short time on the morning of the auction.

Extended viewing is available for Specialist and Fine Art sales as advertised.



Each sale has a catalogue link advertised with it. Following this link will provide you with a listing showing lot images, descriptions and the estimated price that the items will sell on. A more detailed image can be viewed by tapping on the thumbnail.

Online catalogues are fully illustrated and instructions are given on the methods that you can use to bid.

Printed catalogues are available to purchase from the saleroom. Please note that these are not fully illustrated.

At the sale – Bidding

In person

Anybody over the age of 18 is welcome to attend Gildings sales. If you wish to make bids you will need a bidding paddle. To collect a bidding paddle please register at the front reception desk. Unknown buyers will be asked to provide ID in order to register. When you have a bidding paddle, head into the saleroom. If the sale is already underway take note of the current lot number (shown on the screen) and how far away your first lot is from coming up.

Throughout the sale the auctioneer at the rostrum will be taking bids in the room, from the internet, from telephones and from absentee bids. To let the auctioneer know you wish to raise the current bid you can get his attention by raising your paddle. You will now have entered the bidding and as it proceeds the auctioneer will check throughout whether you wish to continue. Raise your paddle again to raise again or keep you paddle down if you don’t wish to bid any more (a polite touch is to shake your head when the auctioneer catches your eye for bidding).

If your final bid wins the lot the auctioneer will need to make a note of your paddle number so that you will be able to pay and collect your lot(s) later.

Live bidding online

If you can’t make it to the sale in person and wish to bid personally you can do so live online.

You will need to register for any sale you wish to bid on and add your payment card before you can join in. Links to this process are advertised with each sale and registration will be for that sale only. If you wish to bid on a future sale you will need to register once more.

Using Live Bidding you can opt to listen to the auctioneer whilst an image, descrition and current bid amount is displayed on your screen. You can use the bid button on your screen if you wish to raise it. You will be bidding against the room, absentee bids, telephone bids and other internet users until the lot is sold.

Please note that successful online purchases are subject to an additional fee of 3% + VAT. There is also a 3% + VAT surcharge on credit card payments.

Bidding online is a click and collect service. Gildings do not offer delivery. You will need to either collect the goods in person or arrange for a company to do so on your behalf.


Absentee Bids

You can leave a written bid with Gildings, known as an absentee bid.

For each lot in a sale you wish to bid on you can advise the maximum you are prepared to raise the bids to.

The auctioneer will then bid on your behalf against the room, online bids, telephone bids and any other absentee bidders for each lot.

Bids will be executed as cheaply as permitted by other bids or reserves.

Absentee bid forms include your registration for each sale and are available from this link.
Details on how to return the form to us are included – or you can contact us for further information.

Please note that absentee bids must be received at least 24 hours before the auction begins.

Telephone bidding

If you can’t attend the saleroom in person you may request a telephone bid.

Telephone bids are accepted in advance at the auctioneers absolute discretion. A request to bid by telephone may be booked on the understanding that the opening bid will be no less than £200.

Telephone bids can be booked using this form or by contacting the saleroom at least 24 hours before the auction begins.

During the auction you will be called shortly before your lot(s) come up and will be updated on the sale progress.

As bidding starts on your lot you will be kept informed of the current price. To keep things running smoothly it is customary to allow internet, absentee and room bids to begin reaching their peak before telephone bidders are asked if they would like to bid. You will be informed of the current bid and asked if you would like to raise it. This will continue until the final bid. If you are successful, the auctioneer will be informed of your paddle number and the auction will proceed onto the next lots. Following the auction, you will be contacted by the auctioneers regarding any lots you have won in this sale.

Payment & collection


If you anticipate spending in excess of £3,000, please contact the office prior to sale.

Payment by cheque by prior arrangement only.

Debit and credit cards accepted from the United Kingdom.

There will be a 3% + VAT surcharge on credit card payments. Please note we do not accept American Express.

Overseas Buyers must pay by electronic transfer.

Payment To: Gilding`s Ltd

Our Bankers: Lloyds Banks plc, The Square, Market Harborough, Leicestershire
Account number: 00655328
Sorting Code No: 30-95-47


Following payment lots can be collected from the collection point. Preferably on sale day.

Contingency Storage
In the event that collection can not be made on the day of sale or within 14 days goods will be stored by Gilding’s. A charge for this service is made of £2 per lot per week for small lots and £10 per lot per week for furniture lots plus VAT or with the Auctioneers discretion.

Packing and Shipping
Please note that we do not pack or ship items. The following suggested carriers will be able to arrange packing and shipping; please contact them directly to receive a quote. You may wish to contact an alternative courier.

Please inform us of any third party collecting on your behalf. Goods shall not be released without prior notification.

Local courier services:

Pass the Parcel
40 Great Bowden Rd, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, LE16 7DF
Tel: 07759 068203
Tel: 07889 911663

Mailboxes ETC Leicester
14 Belvoir Street, Leicester LE1 QH
Tel: 01162 553182 Email: