How to sell at Gildings auctions


If you are curious about selling items at a Gildings auction then the first thing you need is a valuation of items you wish to be considered.
These are provided free of charge and are available by making an appointment. Details below.


Appointments are held at either of our salerooms. If you have too many items or they are too heavy to bring in then please let us know and we will explain how we can help.

During an appointment one of our valuers will examine your items and provide auction sales estimates.

You are under no obligation at this stage but if the items are suitable for sale and you wish to go ahead we can book them in right away.

To book an appointment do one of the following:

Call: 01858 410414 and request an appointment for valuation

Email: and include ‘Request for valuation’ in the subject line

Or complete and send the form below

Request for valuation


Estimates of value

During your valuation you will be given estimates of what your items might fetch at auction. These are intended as a guide to you and should not be confused with a formal valuation for insurance or tax purposes.

With the knowledge of what they are estimated to make you can decide whether or not you wish to sell any or all of the items you have brought along. You may wish to place a reserve price on items to ensure they do not sell at a price lower than you would like. Please note that in the absence of a reserve the auctioneer will sell to the highest bidder.


Decided to auction items

You may wish to take time to think about auctioning your items. If you have decided to auction some or all of the items you have brought along and they have been considered suitable for sale then you can book them in right away.

The valuer will list the items you wish to consign along with their estimates and you will be provided with a copy of the list.

Once items have been consigned for sale they will be held at the auction house ready for a suitable auction in the near future. They are covered by our loss and damage liability at the lower estimate or agreed reserve figure.

You will receive updates as your items are processed through an auction sale and a post sale payment as detailed below.

What happens next?

Following a successful valuation and decision to sell, your goods will be consigned for a suitable sale and then processed as follows:


All of your lots will be photographed in the studio to be used for marketing and catalogues. Our valuers will create detailed descriptions and final estimates for printed and online listings which will be published and downloaded or purchased prior to the sale, usually during viewing times.


Pre-sale advice

You will be sent advice by email or letter to inform you that your items are due to come up for sale. It will include final descriptions, estimates and the date of sale. Please check these details closely, if there are amendments to be made please contact us immediately and before the sale.



Post-sale advice

The buyer of each of your lots will collect them from the saleroom after purchase. Once the sale of your lots has been finalised a written advice is sent to you by email or letter. This will provide details of each lot sold that the final hammer price for each.


Approximately 24 days following the sale Gilding’s will issue a cheque and a statement listing all of your lots, detailing the hammer price minus all fees and post these to your address.

Selling with Gildings Auctioneers

Attractive 15% buyers premium


Expert valuers


Well appointed saleroom

Comprehensive marketing

Convenient location

Online bidding

To book a valuation appointment do one of the following:

Call: 01858 410414 and request an appointment for valuation

Email: and include ‘Request for valuation’ in the subject line

Or send us a message:

Request for valuation