The Leica is more than a camera; it is a legend. The Leica is one of the finest cameras ever to have been introduced. Arguably no other camera has made such a sensational impact on the photographic world as the Leica I when it was launched in 1925. When owners of other makes of camera meet to discuss photography,they discuss Leicas. The one single requirement for an enthusiast is simply to own a Leica camera! Some of the early models, or even not so early, we made in very limited numbers. It is no surprise then that there is a strong market to supply the avid collectors and enthusiasts the world over. It need not be new; the body may be thirty years old,even fitted with an uncoated Leitz lens, and with modern films; the results can still be amazing.

On Tuesday 18th July, we’re offering a selection of bodies, lenses and accessories from the fabled factory across 11 lots (lot numbers 125-136). If you are an established collector, or still looking to obtain your first Leica, this collection offers something for all! A good entry level camera would be lot 130 – a Leitz Minolta CL with Minolta 40mm lens. Although technically not branded “Leica”, the firm that produced them was Leitz, started by Ernest Leitz in 1869. On the CL model they collaborated with Minolta and this particular Leitz-Minolta model would have been retailed in Japan. The CL model has it’s own dedicated following, being the smallest and lightest Leica ever made. Lot 127 is a Leica M4-2 with Leitz lens, first introduced in 1967, estimated at £800-£1,200, is a stable performing camera. For a true enthusiast, you may be interested in acquiring lot 133, an M6 titanium rangefinder body, and then compete for the additional lenses, lots 126, 132, and 134. If you’re fortunate enough to acquire all four lots, you would have in your hands an impressive setup to discuss with your fellow buffs. You can even buy the book – lot 136 – a history illustrating every model and accessory!