Glen English 1:4 scale motorbike AJS 7R 1962

A Gentleman's Collection of Scale Model Racing Cars and Motorbikes

Online Auction - Tuesday 12th January 2021


On the 12th January, Gildings were proud to offer a Gentleman’s private collection of scale motorsport models. With 138 lots, this auction of specialist detailed scale models was an excellent opportunity for like-minded collectors and the wider motorsport fan base, to buy some fantastically detailed scale replicas of some of the most iconic motor vehicles of the 20th century. The results did not disappoint! The collection spanned racing cars, motorbikes, locomotives, tractors, and even tanks. The models ranged in age dating back 30 years, and included examples of scale 1:18 to 1:4 from some of the leading contemporary scale model manufacturers such as Exoto, Javan Smith, Jeff Luff, and Glen English.


Javan Smith 1:8 scale mode; Ferrari 330P4 1967
A Gentleman's Collection of Scale Model Racing Cars and Motorbikes - Results

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Exoto Models

The auction had an impressive collection of thirty four Exoto 1:18 to 1:10 scale racing car models. These models are highly detailed and come with excellent quality casting and painting. Most come in original boxes with outer boxes and are in unused mint condition. A lot of the models are now out of production and have become very sought after with model car collectors. The collection had two rare models of classics within a garage interior setting – including an Auto Union Spaccato & Battuta (1937), and Ferrari 156 Spaccato & Battuta (1961). Such models have hardly been seen for sale on the market. Also included from this manufacturer were numerous examples of the iconic Ford GT40, including the infamous light blue body with white racing stripes and red arches livery as used in the Le Mans ’66 endurance race.


Javan Smith

There were seven models by celebrated model maker Javan Smith. These are all 1:8 scale with high detailing, in display cases and plinths, and all are very low editions. They depict iconic racing cars including the double Grand Prix winning Mercedes Benz W196, Ferrari 330P4 (1967), Juan Fangio’s Maserati 250F (1957), and Graham Hill’s BRM P261 (1965).


Jeff Luff

A British based modeller with an international reputation, Jeff Luff was represented by nine entrants, all models of historic legends of the race track. Luff himself grew up near Goodwood during the 1950s and ‘60s. Forming a lasting impact, many of those cars have become the focus of his 1:12th scale models, as well as land speed record breakers such as Sir Malcolm Campbell’s 1935 Bluebird. Formally trained as an architect modeller, the bulk of his career has been producing models for special effects for film studios, as well as turning his hand to limited edition motorsport replicas.

Glen English

If you prefer to race on two wheels, there were four model motorcycles by renowned model maker Glen English, who is still making models today by order. Producing Museum quality models in his Cornish studio, each individual part is handcrafted then moulded, cast, painted, polished and assembled by hand. He uses traditional techniques with no Rapid prototyping / 3D printers or computers. All come with display cases and plinths. They are a good investment as some are now out of production. They are all 1:4 scale and are all one of an edition of fifty models of four of the most famous racing motorcycles including a AJS 7R 1962 replica, a Manx Norton 500cc and a 350cc, and a Matchless G50 1958.

As well as these renowned producers, there were further opportunities for collectors and fans of (nearly) all things with an engine. Or even just engines! There were ten 1:6 scale models by GMP Real Art Replicas of some of the meatiest car engines ever made – such as the Ford V8 Flathead Hot Rod and the Hilborn fuel-injected Hemi, otherwise known as the “Elephant”. If a vehicle that houses a V8 just wasn’t big enough for you, there were even 1:16 scale model tanks by producer Forces of Valor.


GMP Real Art Replicas 1:6 scale model engine Hilborn Hemi

GMP Real Art Replicas - Hilborn Hemi - 1:16 scale Sold for £161.20 (inc. charges)

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