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Absentee Bid Form - Gildings Auctioneers

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  • Submit your details, sale date and your maximum bid(s) for particular items. The Auctioneer will then bid on your behalf up to your maximum bid, obtaining the lot for you at the lowest possible price allowing for other bidding and any reserves.
  • We do ask for absentee bids to be submitted at least one hour before the auction starts. If more than one bid is received for any one lot at the same price, the first bid received shall be the winning bid.
  • A printable PDF version of this form is available
    You can phone or visit the saleroom to submit absentee bids
  • I agree that I have read and understood Gilding’s Limited Terms and Conditions as set out to the reverse of this form and on the Gildings website, and agree to be bound by them. I agree to pay the Buyer’s Premium and any other charges mentioned in the catalogue or saleroom notices. This affects the Bidders legal rights.
    I hereby agree to notify Gilding’s Limited immediately in writing or via my registered email of any changes in our name or contact details, as detailed in the Gildings Privacy Notice which can be found at or at the registered business address.
  • By submitting this form you accept the terms of our Privacy Notice