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Probate Valuations

We offer a professional and confidential probate valuation service to private individuals and professional executors including solicitors and estate agents.

Our prompt and discreet service has a competitive and clear fee structure. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a quote.



What is a Probate Valuation?

When someone dies, the executors of their will must apply for probate, which is the legal right to deal with the person’s estate. When it comes to the deceased individual’s possessions, probate value is a valuation of the amount of money items can reasonably expect to make at auction or through another means of open market sale. This is distinct from an insurance valuation, which is often based on the cost of replacing an item at retail cost.

Following the probate valuation process, our experienced valuers can also provide insurance valuations for any high-value items that are set to remain in the family.


The probate valuation process

Before you can make informed and respectful decisions regarding the possessions of someone who has died, it’s necessary to establish what the items in question are worth. In the majority of cases a home visit will be required to do this.  

Our highly experienced valuers will provide a professional and understanding approach at a difficult time. It’s important to allow plenty of time for the home visit and to prepare by writing down any questions you may have.

Our comprehensive probate valuation service includes the following:

  • Free initial discussion to establish your needs
  • Instruction and terms of engagement
  • Visit to take place, usually within five working days

The executors of the estate or a nominated representative must be present for the probate valuation. For a smooth and transparent experience, it can also be a good idea for other family members with a vested interest to be there too. If this is not possible, the written valuation can be circulated afterwards, on the understanding that anyone involved can follow up with any queries they may have.

Our completed Valuation Report will usually be available within seven days. In line with legal requirements, objects worth £1,500 or more are itemised individually, with items below this value listed in group totals. If required, we can provide a more comprehensive valuation for family division or for items that have been specifically bequeathed to individual family members.


Selling items from an estate at auction

Once you are granted probate, you may decide to sell all or part of the estate at auction. We can advise on the next steps of this process including:

  • Consignment: identifying an upcoming auction for your goods to be sold. Some lots may be entered into a general Antiques & Collectors sale whilst others may be suitable for a specialist auction such as Jewellery or Fine Art & Antiques, or occasionally a single-owner auction.
  • Estimate: we will confirm an auction estimate based on the probate valuation.
  • Reserve: where appropriate, we will agree a reserve price for your goods.
  • Transportation: arranging for the items to be delivered to the auction house.
  • Cost: should you decide to sell items at auction, we will be happy to waive the probate valuation fee. Please see our selling page for information on commission and costs.  



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