Size isn't Everything!

Size isn't Everything!

Matchbox Volvo makes BIG money


A modest looking toy car won the race for top lot in this November's Toys, Models, and Scale Model Railway auction.

The pale grey matchbox-sized Volvo PV 444 went under the hammer for an amazing £2,200! The toy, which was made by Swedish toymaker Geno in the 1960s, was offered for auction in its original box with both pieces being in "near new/ mint" condition. It far exceeded it's £120-£180 pre-sale estimate.

To most people, even the estimate price would be considered a large sum of money to pay for a vintage die-cast toy car, so the fact that this little Volvo sold for an amount to rival some real second hand cars is remarkable. However, the reasons for the high sale price boil down to the fundamentals of collecting, whatever the item. The condition was mint including the box, which is unusual as it dates to the 1960s. Not only that, but the car was also already rare, with the Swedish manufacturer Geno being far less prolific than more commonly seen makes like Dinky. Further novelty came from the model and colour of the car. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, Volvo has a dedicated band of admirers and this auction had two who were determined to get it, but only one could drive away with it!

The second best-selling lot of the auction was a far flashier and larger British Racing Green Bentley Speed 6 pedal car dating from the 1980s, whose bidding race culminated in a sale price of £1900. However, thanks to the determined Volvo collectors competing on the day, the second best die-cast car result also belonged to Volvo, with a two-tone red and grey Volvo Amazon, dating from 1960 and made by Danish brand Tekno Toys, fetching £700.

“The auction included over 200 collectable cars from a wide range of manufacturers including Corgi, Matchbox, Tri-ang and Dinky,” comments our Toy specialist Andrew Smith. “A large proportion of these sold for three figures, showing that these toys of yesteryear are currently in high demand with collectors today.”

So remember as you watch your little loved ones this Christmas tearing open the wrapping paper on their latest Must-Haves, in years to come, the toys could prove a serious investment. You just have to keep them looking as though they have never been played with!

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